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Crayon with AWS to Help Customers Leverage the Cloud

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With the aim to bring innovation to clients faster, and help them best leverage the transformational power, economics, and agility of the cloud, Crayon has signed a Strategic Collaboration Agreement with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

 Enterprise customers are seen achieving their target business outcomes faster by transitioning to a modern, optimized, cloud-based model, thanks to their reliance on AWS. Crayon on the other hand has a strong track record in migration strategy, implementation, total cost optimization, and cloud economics services.

This alliance will help customers not only have a best-in-class service team but also understand the software and infrastructure they have and how to best manage their overall IT estate once they are operating in the cloud. According to both Crayon and AWS, this latest collaboration will benefit customers wanting to optimize their overall IT estate utilizing best practices in their cloud adoption framework.

 Gartner predicts that spending on cloud infrastructure will grow by nearly 60% in the next two years, while investments in data center systems is projected to decline. Understanding that organizations will have to be smart about their IT investments, Crayon will provide the guidance, tools and expertise to properly manage costs, governance and security in the cloud.

Crayon Group CEO Torgrim Takle believes that collaborating with AWS has been a part of its strategy to build an even stronger commitment to its customers’ success. “Alongside AWS we will deliver services to enable our customers to digitally transform, achieve operational efficiencies, and maximize cost optimization to strengthen their performance. Putting the customer first is in the DNA of Crayon and AWS, and together we will serve more organizations worldwide with world-class solutions,” he said.

The digital transformation services leader has spent the last several years developing and diversifying its cloud services offerings.

Citing this collaboration with AWS as a natural & mature progression, Crayon India CEO, Vikas Bhonsle said that the company caters to customers including large global enterprises that are leaders in their industries. “Crayon is dedicated to help customers in achieving impressive cost savings while building scalable infrastructure and make digital and cloud transformation feasible for many applications and industry sectors today. This is a fantastic approach and this new move will inspire more Customers to make good use of our Strategic Partnership.”

Expressing delight in having collaborated with Crayon, Doug Yeum, Head of Worldwide Channel and Alliances, Amazon Web Services, Inc. said that the partnership will continue to guide customers through their cloud adoption journey. “Crayon has demonstrated a longstanding commitment of putting customers first and helping them find effective ways to optimize the costs of their IT spend.” Crayon caters to customers from more than 45 countries spanning Europe, the Middle East, Africa, North America, and the Asia-Pacific region.

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