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Around 83% of Indians Feel Nervous About Rejoining Office in the Absence of Vaccine-Atlassian Survey

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Atlassian Corporation Plc, the premier provider of productivity and team collaboration software as well as the designer of Confluence, Trello, and Jira products, has recently shared a study that highlights the change in working practices of teams, individuals, as well as organizations in India due to the COVID-19 led pandemic. The report titled ‘Reworking Work: Understanding The Rise of Work Anywhere’ found that 83% of Indian employees are still very nervous about rejoining the office given that there is no vaccine, and also because the restrictions continue to remain in place.

The research, commissioned by Atlassian, as well as conducted by the Australian research agency-PaperGiant, was carried out as part of the previously conducted global survey (at the beginning of 2020) with workers in the USA, Australia, Germany, France, and Japan. The study used qualitative, ethnographic research, and observational research methodologies to conclude. As many as 1425 participants from tier one, two, and three cities were roped in for the survey for more than 4 weeks in Oct 2020.

The research findings also revealed that employees in India were more interested in working entirely from home (66%) when compared to any other nation surveyed. While people continue to manage fresh hurdles that come along with remote working, many revealed that they were relieved having achieved freedom from the daily presenteeism needed in the office culture/environment. Another 70% disclosed that they were more satisfied with their jobs when compared to the situation before COVID-19 and lockdown restrictions. 

Around 61% of the people surveyed stated that they find it easier to manage their work effectively at home amidst the COVID-19 disease restrictions. However, the research also found that a huge percentage of Indian workers (almost 78%) were worried about how their home conditions and life appears before their colleagues as well as what it suggests to them.

One of the key findings of the report was that around 86% of the Indian employees felt that their team members felt closer to one another whereas 75% believed that their team members worked in tandem and better in comparison to the pre-Covid 19 conditions. Yet another prominent revelation made by the survey was that one in two (50%) of the managers stated that they felt more secured about their jobs than before the pandemic. COVID-19 has led to the shifting of managerial roles as well as managers now feel that they are an even more integral part of the company, productivity, and workflows than before.

Atlassian offers collaboration software that helps teams to discuss, organize as well as complete their shared work. Currently, the teams at Walmart Labs, General Motors, Lyft, Verizon, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, NASA, and Spotify are using Atlassian’s software for creating content, sharing, and better tracking.

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