Xiaomi launches Mi Mix Fold, foldable smartphone – what it holds for you?

Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold

Xiaomi has officially launched Mi MIX FOLD, its first foldable smartphone, during the Spring 2021 New Product Launch announcement. The phone carries the best features and specs. The Mi Mix Fold runs on Android 10 with MIUI 12  on the software front. The phone also includes a side-mounted fingerprint sensor. Connectivity options include Bluetooth, 5G, 4G LTE, Wi-Fi 6 and a USB Type-C port. Mi Mix Fold sports a 6.52 inch display on the exterior and a 8.01 inch WQHD+  internal display that has flexible resolution. The smartphone is packed…

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Feature-Rich Realme 360-Degree Smart CCTV Camera Is A Must at Your Home

Realme 360-Degree Smart CCTV Camera

Realme 360-Degree Smart CCTV Camera Review Realme is continuously annexing its new products to the IoT portfolio in India. The latest and the most exhilarating unveil at the IFA 2020 event with its two most exciting additions- the Realme Smart Cam 360 and the Realme Smart Bulb. The feature-rich Realme 360-Degree Smart CCTV Camera is a must-have device at your home. The Cam is the brand’s first affordable entry-level surveillance camera for office and home use that comes equipped with savvy-tech features. The most gratifying feature of the Realme security…

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Realme Announced Watch S Series – What’s In-Store?

Realme Watch S

Realme has announced Realme Watch S series consisting of two smartwatches, realme Watch S Pro and the realme Watch S with a round dial. Both the smartwatches have a fashionable and trendy design with premium displays and Auto Brightness Screen. The realme Watch S Series is also provided with health monitors such as a real-time monitor for blood oxygen saturation and for monitoring heart rate to keep track of your health and warn you in case of unexpected activity. The watch S series can receive nearly all app notifications and…

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Before Downloading Signal, Know Its Key Features

Signal, Know its key features

Are you concerned about your privacy when texting or making phone calls? Here’s an app which will help you to have a secure way of messaging and communicating. Lately, people have become very engrossed with their mobile security. The signal app is a safe messaging app that provides encrypted messages, as well as video calls and voice calls. It is only reliant on data; therefore, it’s an excellent option for texts and free calls over Wi-Fi. This can help those who don’t want to pay for SMS text messages and…

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Latest smartphone choices in the Indian market in 2021


In the year 2020, we have observed many smartphone launches from multiple brands starting from Rs. 5,000 to over 1 lakh. The latest smartphones in the Indian market have emerged and embarked their way into revolution. The smartphone price in India is budget-friendly, and with every new mobile model also comes a collection of impressive technological upgrades. The most popular smartphone in India is Xiaomi, leading the overall shipment numbers accompanied by Samsung, Realme, Vivo, and others. The Indian smartphone market is identified for its competing pricing and offers the…

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Get One of These Laptops for an Incredible Gaming Experience

Incredible Gaming Laptops

Gaming in a laptop is expected to be the best way to play video games. Choosing the best gaming laptop is a holistic decision as it is about choosing the best processor that serves your needs and pairing it up with the best graphics chip that your budget will permit. High-end gaming computers bind more graphical, and processing power than any house console does. They offer a level of freedom in terms of game choice and customisation. Today’s gaming laptops pack gaming performance, we could have only imagined a few…

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Remote Learning Becomes Convenient With Dell Inspiron 15 (3505)

Dell Inspiron 15 (3505)

Dell Inspiron 15 (3505) Review With the paradigm shift from on-campus classes to virtual classes, every student’s current concern is to get hold of a laptop that falls under Rs. 35,290/- and offers multiple features. The Dell Inspiron 15 (3505) is a blessing in disguise for beginners to make remote learning convenient with its affordable pricing and decent features. At Rs. 35,290/-, the Dell Inspiron 15 (3505) is a suitable laptop for checking emails, online classes, web browsing, and other basic routine tasks. Taking into consideration the significant requirements, here…

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The Mid-Range Vivo X5 Launched in India

Vivo X5

Vivo X5 Review The X5 is Vivo’s flagship offering in India with its major focus on the aesthetics, features, and excellent build quality. Since the launch of the X5 Max, the company has been releasing sequential sleek phones and the Vivo X5 Pro is no different. Vivo X5 is an alluring device with great specifications, but a little pricey with similar and better features available in the market for an affordable price. For Rs. 27,980/-, do you think the Vivo X5 is a worthy contender? Well, let’s find this out…

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What Should You Look For Before Buying Cyber Security For Your System?

Darktrace Cybersecurity

Introduction The internet has become the battlefront between cybersecurity heroes and cybercriminals. There are a plethora of softwares for cyber defenders claiming protection from malicious cyber attacks. However, are they all true to their claim?  Nonetheless, there is only one superhero that saves the world from devastation. When it comes to shielding your computers, servers, networks, data, electronic systems, and mobile devices from the mongering cyber villain, the muscle power of a superhero cannot do the job. It would help if you had a robust cyber AI security to prevent…

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D-Link expands its EXO line of routers with DIR-X1560 and DIR-X6060

D-link Wi-Fi Routers

Making a new addition to its EXO line of routers, D-Link has launched the DIR-X1560 and DIR-X6060 routers. The routers will come enabled with Wi-Fi 6 features that will boast of exceptional capacity, efficiency, and speed. Wi-Fi 6 or AX Wi-Fi, which happens to be the latest IEEE 802.11 standard, delivers greater speed and capacity while also reducing network congestion and improving device battery life. Wi-Fi 6 is suitably fitted for the current scenario that is witnessing mass adoption of smart devices and simultaneous bandwidth-heavy activities like 4K/8K streaming as a result…

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