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Cybersecurity offers immense opportunities to the IT partners

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As the leading hybrid SI & solution provider and Dell Titanium Partner, Arrow PC Network offers services/solutions in areas such as System Integration, Data Centers, Backup, Storage, Cloud Computing, Data Security, and more. 

Sharing his perspective regarding the explosion of risks in the cybersecurity space, Gurpreet Singh, Managing Director, Arrow PC Network stated that companies that have been struggling to keep their operations running and embracing the new reality of WFH have become sitting ducks for the threat actors. Singh also believes that the current and future need for business continuity and digital transformation has led to the strengthening of cybersecurity systems to safeguard sensitive data and protect assets from malicious data breaches. 

It must be noted that Arrow PC is helping its customers by offering a variety of security solutions. From Aruba ClearPass, providing AI-powered visibility and industry-leading policy enforcement to Aruba’s Dynamic Segmentation that allows IT organizations to define and enforce secure traffic segmentation policies, Arrow PC’s is ensuring that its customers are now more secure than ever. 

“We also provide hybrid cloud security, wireless and mobile security, advanced threat protection, email gateway security, endpoint protection, advanced network security (NGFW), and cybersecurity,” said Singh. 

According to Arrow PC Network, post-COVID-19, what transpired to be a BCP, will remain, as the most accepted form of work culture in the post-COVID-19 world. The investment will increase in obtaining robust security architecture instead of real estate to establish a plush workspace. 

“From basic threats like phishing to advanced threats in the 5G network, threats and threat actors have evolved and only new age of cybersecurity can keep them at bay,” he said. 

On the other hand, according to TechnoBind, which is the first Specialist Distributor in the Indian IT channels space that provides a hybrid distribution model, risks have definitely increased multiple folds. 

“Phishing and Ransomware attacks are something that we have seen everywhere and companies are struggling with the effects of delayed detection and response to cyber-attacks because of this remote working aspect,” said Prashanth G J, CEO at TechnoBind.

When asked whether robust security infrastructure would help, Prashanth reinstated, “Sprucing up the security framework in a significant manner is the answer for sure. But, while revamping the security infrastructure will definitely benefit but companies must also look at it from the perspective of educating their employees on the security concerns and help them understand the potential risks.” 

TechnoBind has aided its customers by equipping them with their tools which help them to securely access their remote infrastructure through its Secure Trusted Access tools. It has also helped customers implement robust backup solutions of their endpoints which are turning out to be more vulnerable in these remote working times. 

Prashanth also believes that this is definitely the beginning of a new age of cybersecurity.  “The concept of perimeter security is no more relevant when there is no perimeter in remote working culture. Data is the perimeter and efforts must be made to protect and secure the data than just protecting the devices and the network,” he stated.

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