COVID-19 resources for IT leaders-An Overview

Technology Sector IT Industries

Though manufacturing companies are facing losses and production almost reduced to zero during the pandemic, IT companies have not escaped from the unpleasant impact of COVID-19 across the globe. Forget about the small IT companies, tech giants like Facebook, Microsoft is also facing problems. There was a severe disruption in the electronic value chain; as a result, we saw an inflationary risk on products. This Accelerated focus on remote working and evaluation of end-to-end value chain and de-risking processes. Technology Sector Technology sectors are broadly classified into four sub-sectors primarily.…

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AI Boosting Revenue in Industries Over the Years

Artificial Intelligence on Industries

In the last ten years, we have seen a lot of technology and innovation boosts the profits of all the industries. One of the latest technologies that played a dominant role is Artificial Intelligence or also known as AI. There has been a tremendous change in how industries are using the technology of AI and innovating new products and processes which will help reduce cost and increase the revenues of the company. Artificial Intelligence is the combination of various technologies that help to comprehend and make sense of various situations.…

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How virtual technology conference has become a new reality?

virtual technology conference

To combat against novel coronavirus, everyone is undertaking different measures in the various niche markets for survival. In this time of crisis, virtual technology conferences are earning importance and have become a new reality. People are embarking on a new virtual technology conference to conduct/attend meetings. Haven’t you attended any conference or in the dilemma of using virtual technology yet? Then it’s the right time for you. Let us do the reality check of this virtual technology. In simple terms, a virtual conference is nothing but an online video conference…

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How are CXOs transforming businesses?

CXOs transforming businesses

In the digital age, the concept of customer-focused has a new meaning. In comparison to non -digital times, presently, corporations have more choices to communicate and intermingle with their clients. Thus, customer experience and employee involvement or experiences are now two of the dominant driving parameters of the business. When customer experience and employee experience work together, it creates an exclusive, reliable, viable benefit for the business. Companies are merging the two functions and have introduced a new C-level position called CXOs to profit both clients and organizations. CXO is…

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