Synoptiq Infosolution Cloud Security

Customers Searching for Best Solutions for Securing their Workloads

As the leading provider of cloud security solutions, Rajeev Mamidanna, Managing Director – Synoptiq Infosolutions believes that any storage target, whether on cloud or on-premise has to be protected as it contains the most important asset of any company i.e. Data. “Compliances are so stringent today, and practically every organization falls under some scanner of […]

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Kartik Shahani Tenable

Tenable names Kartik Shahani as its next Country Manager for India

The cyber exposure company, Tenable has announced the appointment of Kartik Shahani as Country Manager for India. At Tenable, Kartik will spearhead strategic initiatives in the enterprise security market, manage operations and continue the momentum of channel activities in the region. Organizations are facing  expanded attack surfaces due to distributed workforces, increased cloud deployments and […]

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Arafat Yousef, Managing Director

Upgrading LANs the Smart Way

How do you ensure your LAN is future ready while retaining flexibility – and managing TCO? Ever-changing requirements Previously separate systems and platforms are increasingly converging, and at the same time bandwidth requirements are growing fast, driven by cloud applications, IoT, Wi-Fi 6 and more. This calls for future-ready LANs, capable of supporting several generations […]

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Trend Micro AWS Cloud Security

Trend Micro Acquires AWS Outposts Ready Designation for Delivering Hybrid Cloud Security

Trend Micro, the leading provider of cloud security, recently announced that its cloud security solutions have been awarded the AWS Outposts Ready designation, a part of the AWS (Amazon Web Services) Service Ready Program. With this, Trend Micro has gained recognition for its successful integration with the AWS Outposts deployments. It must be noted that […]

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Balance Out the Technology

How Much Tech is Too Tech for Children

Every parent keeps worrying about their child’s health and well-being. It doesn’t matter whether it’s their physical health or mental health; all parents will want their child to be happy and healthy. We currently live in the digital age, and all kids need to be appropriately introduced to the virtual world and the various new […]

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Darktrace Cybersecurity

What Should You Look For Before Buying Cyber Security For Your System?

Introduction The internet has become the battlefront between cybersecurity heroes and cybercriminals. There are a plethora of softwares for cyber defenders claiming protection from malicious cyber attacks. However, are they all true to their claim?  Nonetheless, there is only one superhero that saves the world from devastation. When it comes to shielding your computers, servers, […]

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Ranjith Kaippada, Managing Director at Cloud Box Technologies

Cloud Box Technologies announces Business Expansion with launch of its new Security Practice

The leading IT Infrastructure solutions provider in the Middle East, Cloud Box Technologies (CBT) has announced its business expansion with the launch of its new security practice, an expanded team of cybersecurity specialists together with an end-to-end security solutions and services portfolio.  The threat, risk, and vulnerability levels have increased considerably across enterprises in the […]

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Devesh Aggarwal Compusof

Devesh Aggarwal of Compusoft knows How to Pave His Own Road to Success

Passionate about computers, Devesh took it as a hobby, even as he spent much of his time working on his computer. Little did he know that his life was about to transform forever when he embarked on his entrepreneurial journey and launched his company-Compusoft Advisors in 1997. That was the first turning point in Devesh’s […]

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Technology Sector IT Industries

COVID-19 resources for IT leaders-An Overview

Though manufacturing companies are facing losses and production almost reduced to zero during the pandemic, IT companies have not escaped from the unpleasant impact of COVID-19 across the globe. Forget about the small IT companies, tech giants like Facebook, Microsoft is also facing problems. There was a severe disruption in the electronic value chain; as […]

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