Enhance the Young Minds by Encouraging Them to Participate in These Tech Activities

Young Minds Learning Gadgets

Technology is becoming more and more prominent in everyday life. If one is unfamiliar with modern advanced technologies, it would be a struggle for them to live in a world where even a small piece of work is performed using some kind of technologies. This article would make parents of today’s generation conscious of the benefits that technology practises offer to their children. It will not only improve the children’s rational reasoning abilities, but it will also help them improve their analytical thought skills, enhance their understanding of technology, and…

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How Much Tech is Too Tech for Children

Balance Out the Technology

Every parent keeps worrying about their child’s health and well-being. It doesn’t matter whether it’s their physical health or mental health; all parents will want their child to be happy and healthy. We currently live in the digital age, and all kids need to be appropriately introduced to the virtual world and the various new technology. Hence parents need to teach their children on how to effectively utilize technology and develop new skills through the virtual world. As a parent, you also need to limit the exposure of technology to…

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How is E-learning Affecting Curriculum Development in Schools?


E-learning or online learning is the latest widespread implementation in education from kindergarten to high school. Though educators and students were enthusiastic about starting the new academic session, they had to adopt e-learning methodology due to the unprecedented crisis. E-learning may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Some look at it pessimistically while others see an opportunity to reinvent the face of education. The educators and facilitators are developing a new e-learning curriculum for virtual school. However, it is necessary to evaluate how e-learning is affecting curriculum development in schools.…

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Online Learning Tips to Keep Your Child Motivated

Online Learning Tips

When you ask any child about their favorite pastime, you would rarely hear them reply that they love to learn. In a physical classroom, the toughest challenge for teachers was not teaching. The teachers’ most significant challenge was to create keen learners who are self-motivated. You must have heard that learning is an ongoing process. However, the new normal has tweaked the phrase to – learning is an online process. While parents and teachers try their level best to navigate students to study online, children throw all types of tantrums.…

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