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Best Tech Toys and Gadgets You Can Gift To Your Kids

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Technology and kids is an apprehension we often see nowadays. A toddler carrying a tablet, an infant with a phone in her mouth, what’s new? At one point, parents have great concern over gadgets to alleviate their kids and as an educational and entertaining tool. But later on, it becomes an alarming sight. The boundaries between what is connected to the internet and what is a regular toy or gadget are very complex for kids. Technology is not the sufficient or necessary condition for toys to be fun. But with the right synergy between a toy and technology, there can be a product that is essentially a toy but serves purposes beyond fun, it can be inspirational, educational and to an extent motivational. Here is a list of the best tech toys and gadgets to help you find the perfect gifts for the tiny humans in your life.

  1. Osmo Gaming System for iPad: The Osmo is a fun little add-on for the iPad that consists of a unique reflector, game pieces, and mobile apps that work in tandem for an interactive adventure. The system also has four other games: Osmo Tangram, Osmo Words, Osmo Newton, and Osmo Masterpiece that can be downloaded from the iTunes App store for free.
  2. Cheerson CX-10 (Nano) Quadcopter: The Cheerson CX-10 is a nano drone suited for kids and more suited for teenagers. The Cheerson CX-10 can fit in the palm of an adult’s hand and is still flexible enough to run through rooms. A small remote control features with two analogue Sticks, sensitivity adjustors, and a Power Button is also available with the Cheerson CX-10 (Nano) Quadcopter. This tech gadget is available in four colours: yellow, orange, blue, and green.
  3. Jimu DIY Robot Buzzbot and Muttbot Robotics: The Jimu DIY Robot Buzzbot and Muttbot Robotics kit are full of snap-on pieces as well as servos that your kid can turn into a robot.  These can be further programmed and controlled by Android or an iOS application by your child. The creators have marked this as a STEM toy. It is meant to inspire critical skills such as problem-solving and logical thinking in your kids. Kids will also find it comparatively simple to get into it. It ensures loads of fun for your little ones.
  4. Nintendo Switch: The very popular Nintendo Switch is one of the Bestseller for kids and grownups who enjoy their video games. The N-Switch can suit any gaming lifestyle type, transforming from a handheld device to a home console in a snap. It needs an internet connection for multiplayer gaming, and up to 8 consoles can be connected.
  5. LittleBits Electronics Gizmos and Gadgets Kit: Your child could be a tech geek in the making, but how would you know it? They might like to build his gadget from the ground up, but then it is easier to break down something they have built up. Luckily for your kids, the electronic gizmos and gadgets kit of littleBits provides them with everything they need to build their gadgets. It is pretty easy to fit the various components into it, thanks to the companion app and the guide that explains everything clearly.

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