Limit Screen Time for Kids

Parental Guide on How to Limit Screen Time for Kids

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Controlling screen time for kids might seem a difficult task, but it’s not impossible.  Excessive media use may result in school difficulties, attention problems, sleep, and more. It is up to caretakers and parents to establish strict guidelines, rules, and even habits. Setting appropriate rules will lead to a suitable amount of time with phones, computers, and video games. Some parental control tools are essential to regulate screen time. Check out some of the ways through which parents can help their kids to limit screen time.

●     Be Attentive

Whatever guidelines or rules parents set, it’s vital to stick to it. It’s tough as a parent to be the enforcer always for their kids, but that is their responsibility. It gets hassle-free if parents are alert and consistent—technology changes with time due to which parents should remain ready to make new rules. When any change happens, they should modify old guidelines by keeping the guiding principle of balance in mind.

●     Manage Devices on the Network

One of the best ways to limit screen time is to teach kids the importance of play. Parents have to approach some of the ground strategies to achieve the correct balance. Moreover, there are different software as well as hardware solutions to control phone network. Parents can use different apps to control screen time for kids.

●     Always Remember Kids Are Watching You

Parents must be mindful of their use of electronic gadgets. Be it a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or video game; parents should spend less time on these gadgets when they are with kids. Parents don’t have to be strict about limiting screen time rules, but they should remember that children follow the spirit of screen time rules. So, when parents are with their children, they must remain careful of multitasking.

●     Encourage Change

To limit the screen time for kids, parents must watch that their kids are not obsessed with one game. They must look if their children are not spending high time on a particular social media platform. Even sitting in front of the television for the entire day is a bad habit. So, parents must ensure that their kids are not sitting on the couch for the whole day watching TV.

●     Have a Conversation with Kids

Parents should be open about their concerns regarding kids’ screen time. They must talk to their children about why they are setting guidelines. For teaching kids to regulate themselves someday, it’s essential to make them understand why their parents have a concern about screen time. Moreover, kids need to be aware of the negative aspects of the internet before they come across it. Some negative sides include violence in games, movies, bullying, and more.

Final Thoughts

Parents should encourage their kids toward hands-on activities. Kids who play independently using non-electronic media and their imaginations have an advantage at resisting the screen trap. They should inspire their children to listen to audiobooks, read novels, and kids’ podcasts to develop better skills.

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