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Online Learning Tips to Keep Your Child Motivated

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When you ask any child about their favorite pastime, you would rarely hear them reply that they love to learn. In a physical classroom, the toughest challenge for teachers was not teaching. The teachers’ most significant challenge was to create keen learners who are self-motivated.

You must have heard that learning is an ongoing process. However, the new normal has tweaked the phrase to – learning is an online process. While parents and teachers try their level best to navigate students to study online, children throw all types of tantrums. At your wit’s end, you are trying to motivate them to take an interest in online learning. Here are some tips that can help you make online learning an addiction for your children.

Study Environment

A dull and dim study room can never kindle brilliant and enthusiastic learners. A well-ventilated room with fresh aroma can enhance the students’ productivity. A proper study station with a sturdy desk and a comfortable chair help them maintain a good posture while studying. If children study in bed, they get a bit too comfortable and lull themselves to sleep.

Customized Learning Path

Initiating a customized learning path that attracts children’s attention towards studying could be a breakthrough in online learning methodology. School teachers are familiar with their students’ needs, strengths, weaknesses, skills, and interests. The path provides support to students to improve their skills instead of competing with grades. A customized learning path is designed to help children adapt to the new norms and feel valued.

Induce Personal Touch to Online Classes

Children are the most affected by self-isolation terminology. A traditional classroom has the advantage where children receive the teacher’s personal touch and attention. Distant learning cannot reach out to each individual personally to their desk. Lesson plans can be curated in such a fashion that team-teaching and personal touch co-exist simultaneously in an online class. The approach has a deep-rooted impact on children’s psychological well-being.

Online Academic Community

Man is a social animal, and children are no exception. Children thrive when the environment is conducive. They have immense hidden potential, which needs to be channelized. They need their space where they can connect with their peers. An online community is a support system to provide children for their mental well-being. Children need a few light moments to be their natural self. The online academic community could be an educational institution’s initiative, which includes students of the same class, allowing them to interact freely.

Extra-curricular Activities

You cannot expect to cage children only for an academic curriculum. Sticking to their study table and laptop can tend to be quite dull. It can create lethargic students. You can pep things up by including periods for physical education, art-integrated lessons, music, craftwork, etc. to keep them involved in the online learning process. Co-curricular activities make children sharp, alert, and interested. For instance, a song-based lesson can capture their attention and encourage participation. Nobody said that it is easy to create enthusiast learners. However, you would need to consider all aspects before showing your dissatisfaction to your students for not taking a keen interest in online learning. To motivate your children, you also need to put in your efforts.

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