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Customers Searching for Best Solutions for Securing their Workloads

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As the leading provider of cloud security solutions, Rajeev Mamidanna, Managing Director – Synoptiq Infosolutions believes that any storage target, whether on cloud or on-premise has to be protected as it contains the most important asset of any company i.e. Data.

“Compliances are so stringent today, and practically every organization falls under some scanner of compliance. It is, therefore, crucial for the IT partner community to focus on this huge potential that this market has to offer,” he added.

How Synoptiq Infosolution Helps?

Synoptiq understands that businesses, irrespective of their scale, size, and nature, need to manage and monitor their cloud infrastructure better. In fact, customers who have workloads on the cloud are assessing the challenges now. They are also searching for best-in-class solutions for securing their workloads, rather than just depending on the security provided by the service providers. Understanding this gap and assessing the compliances that customers have to manage is where the value addition for partners comes in.

Mamidanna thinks that any interaction with customers has to be specific to their businesses since customers expect the discussions to have content and relevant context, and rightfully so.

Challenges in Cybersecurity Implementation

When asked whether he is facing any challenges in extending cloud security services, Mamidanna pointed out that it is the skills where the challenge lies, and not in the positioning.

“We are not a service provider and work with multiple providers for the IaaS, SaaS, or PaaS. We go to the customer in collaboration with our alliances. While every organization from the partner community is now tying up with cloud providers, it is important to understand the customer’s business and applications first, and later recommend the right solutions, ” he elaborated.

What about Vendor Support?

As far as vendor support is concerned, Synoptiq Infosolutions is quite happy with the support that the company is receiving.

Sharing more details on the same, Mamidanna reiterated, “We are getting good support from the SaaS providers, as most of the security solutions are now delivered off a SaaS offering. While a few verticals are yet to implement cloud security, most of the customers are now keen to look at a subscription model since it goes into OPEX for them for the year.”

However, he was quick to point out that while CFOs are also actively involved in the decision-making process now, things are still driven by the CIO/CTO/CISO to a large extent when it comes to evaluating the right technology.

Final Words To sum up, if organizations believe that cloud will play a prominent role in the post-COVID world, then they need to find solution providers who can support their application lifecycle, as well as infrastructure and expansion plans. In particular, they must look for solutions that offer consistent functionality and support across numerous private and public cloud environments.

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