Realme 360-Degree Smart CCTV Camera

Feature-Rich Realme 360-Degree Smart CCTV Camera Is A Must at Your Home

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Realme 360-Degree Smart CCTV Camera Review

Realme is continuously annexing its new products to the IoT portfolio in India. The latest and the most exhilarating unveil at the IFA 2020 event with its two most exciting additions- the Realme Smart Cam 360 and the Realme Smart Bulb. The feature-rich Realme 360-Degree Smart CCTV Camera is a must-have device at your home. The Cam is the brand’s first affordable entry-level surveillance camera for office and home use that comes equipped with savvy-tech features. The most gratifying feature of the Realme security camera is the broad spectrum of colours and is built to last for up to thirteen years.


The Realme 360-Degree Smart CCTV Camera is a 114.3*71*65.8mm device that weighs around 175g. The device offers a power input of 5V 1A with a camera resolution of 1920*1080 and a video resolution of 480p, 1080P FHD.

The most exciting features of the Realme 360-Degree Smart CCTV Camera is its manual phone storage, multiple privacy features, AI motion and human body detection, automatic switch to the infrared camera during sunsets, sharing mode, micro SD card of 128GB onboard storage, and Infrared night vision (940mm Infrared Light).

1.   Night Mode Vision

The feature-rich Realme 360-Degree Smart CCTV Camera comprises a built-in infrared illuminator with a view range of up to 10m to track any possible movements in the camera vision. The video quality presents a clear picture quality, even during low-lighting and other highly unfavourable conditions. The highly practical night-time surveillance system enables users to notice any movements or capture facial cues of anything passing in the vicinity, or inside children’s bedrooms, or while monitoring pets.

2.   Attributes and Performance

With a strong Wi-Fi setup, the Realme 360-Degree Smart Cam commences streaming live feed on your smartphone and then configures the stream quality between SD and FHD. The 1080P FHD feed presents a superior quality in terms of dynamic range, colours, and clarity. The budget-friendly security camera supports a well-working motion detector with enabled attributes such as ‘Alarm Push Messages’ in the app’s settings to send alarm text messages on the user’s smartphone when the camera detects any anomalies. The application allows users to alternate between three primary sensitivity settings such as low, medium and high.

3.   Application Features

The main screen of the companion application helps users change vision angles through the use of directional buttons. Through the application, users can start manual video recording,  switch on or switch off the camera through the main screen, and capture a photograph. However, the application holds no auto video recording mode that stores footage and the camera does not support cloud storage.

The main screen also allows users to enable full-screen view, activate two-way voice talk mode, and let users select the feed resolution. The applications allow users to zoom-in on the live stream and emphasis on a specific spot. Moreover, users can also rotate the feed to 180-degrees and tweak the anti-flicker settings and correct the distortion. Users can enable night mode manually or just set it to auto mode based on the lighting.


The Realme 360-Degree Smart CCTV Camera is an affordable and feature-rich surveillance setup for office setup and home. The camera records high-quality FHD videos and pushes to live feed that can be accessed on multiple devices. The budget-friendly feature and other interesting features make the Realme 360-Degree CCTV Camera a must for price-conscious Indian households. If you hold any Android device at your place, then do not hesitate to think twice about the Feature-Rich Realme 360-Degree Smart CCTV Camera.

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