Online Consumers

Solutions to Keep Our Online Consumers Happy During the Pandemic

The COVID-19 Pandemic has led businesses to decrease their in-store capacity significantly. Companies were hit with the perfect storm, as Covid-19 lockdowns funnelled more inquiries to call centres while also constraining the number of employees available to field them. People are lining up outside clothing stores, parlours, hospitals, offices or auto repair shops, as consumer […]

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CXO Challenges

Challenges CXOs tackle to support businesses under the remote working model

During this rapid-moving COVID-19 pandemic, companies are facing huge challenges. In these conditions, CXOs are performing a central role in smooth operation of their business. The pandemic has hastened the digital transformation of business and the speed of technology adoption. During this pandemic, several changes have been carried out to work and act on technology. […]

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Happy International CIO Day

IT Leaders Celebrate the Contributions and Success of CIOs on CIO Day

Given their zeal and ability to accelerate digital transformation for their enterprises, CIOs deserve a special day that recognizes their efforts and contributions in helping companies scale their operations. It is this idea that gave birth to the concept of CIO Day. Every year, CIO Day is held on the 25th of April to recognize […]

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women in C-suite roles

Will We See more Women in C-suite Roles?

Statistics of the present status of women in C-suite roles: Starting with the prediction and statistics, let us first understand what the C-suite roles are! When talking about it, the C-suite roles are the job titles of higher position in a company. They involve some prominent positions, like Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Financial Officer […]

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Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality- Real-time Computer-Generated Experience

Virtual Reality creates a practical experience for any technical user. It makes people realise that they are interacting with a real-time digital environment plus produces real-life simulations. Unlike traditional user interfaces, virtual Reality offers a tremendous chance to interact with 3D worlds. Fashioned in a way, Virtual Reality creates a virtual world where it becomes […]

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Ransomware Security

Cyberspace-A Comprehensive Take on Egregor Ransomware

Egregor is a ransomware variant that appears to have infected various organisations for several months. It is a part of the Sekhmet malware family, active since September 2020. Generally, ransomware groups operate by stealing sensitive information, hacks into companies, and demanding ransom in exchange for interpreted documents. Undoubtedly, the Egregor Ransomware group is active right […]

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CXO Role

With Digital Transformation-CXO is Here to Stay

CX isn’t going anyplace, with the all-round digital transformation taking place. Experts anticipate that before the finish of 2020, client experience will overwhelm cost and item as the key brand differentiator, while Gartner calls the client to experience the new combat zone, with 80% of organizations hoping to contend generally or totally based on client […]

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Python Language in Data Science

Python Preferred as a Coding Language in Data Science

Data Science includes extrapolating helpful data from gigantic stores of measurements, registers, and information. These pieces of information are generally unsorted and hard to relate to any important exactness. AI can make associations between dissimilar datasets, however, requires genuine computational fallacy and force. Python fills this need by being a universally useful programming language. It […]

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Framework Vs Library

Difference between Framework and Library

A library gives a lot of partner capacities/objects/modules which their application code calls for explicit usefulness. Libraries normally centre around a limited degree, for example, strings, IO, attachments. The API’s additionally will, in general, be littler and require fewer conditions. It is only an assortment of class definitions. Why we need them? The explanation being […]

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