Blockchain Technology

Blockchain and How To Make a Career Out Of It

Blockchain Technology Are you considering a blockchain career but have no idea how to start one? You have landed in the right place. Today, this blog will introduce you to the mechanism following which you can give a kick-start to your blockchain career.  Blockchain is a growing technology that has become much more popular over […]

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Edge Computing

Edge Computing and Everything you have never been taught

The computing world is in constant evolution as technological advances and cultural changes work to redefine how the business operates. Every business needs to cope with artificial intelligence, immersive technologies, the Internet of Things, and the growing network demands of an improving distributed workforce. But, the challenge here is searching for ways to improve data […]

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Robotic Process Automation

What roles of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has never been discovered?

Robotic Process Automation is the upcoming future of business process automation which is growing exponentially. With the development of technology, now more businesses have started to observe the link between the RPA and digital transformation. Businesses are now undergoing digital transformation to improve the customer experience, provide the best services, and minimize marketing expenses by […]

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5G wireless technology

Is 5G a good alternative? What is the threat solved with Cyber Security?

5G is the latest version of wireless technology. As per a study, by 2027, half of the mobile subscribers will switch to 5G. The technology promises to revolutionize connectivity while offering lower latency than 4G, lighting fast speeds and making an IoT world a reality. Although, 5G also comprises some cybersecurity risks that firms must […]

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Real time analytics to enhance cfo operations

Real time analytics to enhance CFO operations

What are the implications of real time analytics for finance? All operations, including the development of growth products and markets, benefit from real-time analytics. CFOs can keep on top of everything going on in the company by having access to the most up-to-date information, giving them an advantage in an increasingly competitive environment. Let’s take […]

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Global Cloud Exchange

RCom expanding the enterprise product portfolio with Cloud X WAN

What is RCom? The company is India’s first telecom service provider to furnish civil CDMA and GSM mobile services with digital voice clarity. Their mobile gate, R World, provides the widest range of mobile content covering e-commerce, m-commerce entertainment, music, news, astrology, equity, Bollywood, maps, quest, one-click set-up, access to card and social media networking. […]

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Big Data in Healthcare

The Use of Big Data Analytics in Healthcare Sector

Big data analytics in healthcare Big data is the new way of storing data. Its sole purpose is to change the way industries manage, analyze and leverage data. Healthcare is considered to be one of the industries where data analytics is starting to play a significant role in recent years. Healthcare analytics has proved its […]

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Online Consumers

Solutions to Keep Our Online Customers Happy During the Pandemic

How to Keep Online Customers Happy During the Pandemic The COVID-19 Pandemic has led businesses to decrease their in-store capacity significantly. Companies were hit with the perfect storm, as Covid-19 lockdowns funnelled more inquiries to call centres while also constraining the number of employees available to field them. People are lining up outside clothing stores, […]

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CXO Challenges

Challenges CXOs tackle to support businesses under the remote working model

During this rapid-moving COVID-19 pandemic, companies are facing huge challenges. In these conditions, CXOs are performing a central role in smooth operation of their business. The pandemic has hastened the digital transformation of business and the speed of technology adoption. During this pandemic, several changes have been carried out to work and act on technology. […]

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Happy International CIO Day

IT Leaders Celebrate the Contributions and Success of CIOs on CIO Day

CIO Day – 25 April Given their zeal and ability to accelerate digital transformation for their enterprises, CIOs deserve a special day that recognizes their efforts and contributions in helping companies scale their operations. It is this idea that gave birth to the concept of CIO Day. Every year, CIO Day is held on the […]

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