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IT Leaders Celebrate the Contributions and Success of CIOs on CIO Day

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Given their zeal and ability to accelerate digital transformation for their enterprises, CIOs deserve a special day that recognizes their efforts and contributions in helping companies scale their operations. It is this idea that gave birth to the concept of CIO Day. Every year, CIO Day is held on the 25th of April to recognize and celebrate the contributions and achievements of CIOs in the growth and long-term success of their country.

The first CIO day was celebrated on the 25th of April in 2013, following which every year CIOs and industry leaders, executives, and others come together to celebrate this day and congratulate the CIOs.

Digitaltech Media caught up with some of the industry veterans, CIOs, and IT leaders to understand the role of CIOs in transforming the IT industry. We also urged them to share their views on the significance of CIO day.

Read on to find out more.

Harmit Singh MalhotraHarmit Singh Malhotra, Chief Technology Officer at Enterr10 Television Pvt. Ltd.

CIO Traits that make them unique

Their ability to understand the problems at the grass-root level and provide an adequate solution. The urge to provide the best technological module and bringing in the latest technological advancements within the organization for optimum utilization of the same.

Significance of CIO day

CIO day not only highlights the contribution of the CIOs towards the organization but their innovations and problem-solving techniques too.

Message for CIOs

“I wish all the CIOs a very successful year ahead.”

Udit Pahwa, Head – Information Technology, Huhtamaki India LtdUdit Pahwa

CIO Traits that make them Unique

Their passion to solve business problems using technology while speaking the language of business and understanding the ground-level issues.

Significance of CIO day

A day dedicated to the fraternity; helps in highlighting the significance of silent contributions of the CIO towards the enterprise as well as every individual.

Message for CIOs

“Passion, Dedication, Knowledge, and Care when combined make an effective CIO; Happy CIO Day!”

Dr. Mukesh MehtaDr. Mukesh Mehta, CTO-CISO, Batlivala & Karani Securities India Pvt. Ltd.

CIO traits that make them ideal for the job

CIOs have completely transited from traditional EDP Manager to a strategic role. Today with digital innovation and technology-driven change, they are taking their place alongside other business leaders and leading strategic initiatives.

Your thoughts on CIO Day

The effective use of technology during these challenging times has once again proved the significance CIO holds today. Another reason for the celebrations is to attract more Technology Professionals to take the CIO as a career option.

Message for CIOs

“My fellow CIOs – By charting courses, steering craft, tracking progress, correcting when needed, letting others help along the way, and trusting ourselves & our team, we have reached a great position in our organization – CIO. Congratulations once again! It’s time to celebrate our efforts & commitment to the nation.”

Anand Sinha, Chief Information officer & Director-IT OCS group IndiaAnand Sinha

CIO traits that make them unique

The role of a CIO is changing from a technology expert to a business strategist. Today, CIOs collaborate with other C-level colleagues to develop business strategies and value. Taking the analogy of a binocular, just as its two lenses form a single vision, Business and IT serve as the two lenses for a CIO. It is expected of the CIO that they should look at Business and IT from a single vision. On the IT side, the challenge is about generating business outcomes.

The significance of CIO day.

CIO Day Celebrates the success and contributions of the CIOs and IT leaders for taking initiatives for business transformation by leveraging technology. It is a morale booster for CIOs who have helped businesses reduce obstacles through innovation and technology implementation.

 Message for CIOs.

“I would like to wish all the CIOs, IT & Technology Community. A Very Happy CIO Day. Stay Safe, Stay Strong, Stay at Home & Stay Healthy.” I believe CIOs spearhead digital transformations and synchronize business outcomes while streamlining functioning with technology. For best results, they must focus on critical dimensions of business processes.

Nikhil NigamNikhil Nigam, Associate Director – Technologies, Amity Education Group

Unique traits of CIOs

CIOs are transformational leaders & innovators who lead their team from the front.

Significance of CIO Day

CIO Day for me is recognition & realization of our responsibilities for all my peers, colleagues, and friends, who stand in solidarity with a mission towards their organization, country, and the world as a whole.

Message for CIOs

“My dear friends & colleagues, this CIO Day, I wish and request everyone to work in the direction of humanity and provide possible support to the Medical Fraternity. This Pandemic has made us realize that we still have a lot to do in terms of researching, exploring, innovating & delivering.”

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