“Will Aim at Positioning ‘Infopercept’ as More than a Technology Company”- Says Newly Appointed CMO Jitendra Bulani

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Infopercept, one of the fast-expanding Indian cybersecurity companies serving clients in cybersecurity: offensive, defensive, detection & response, as well as security compliance, recently appointed Jitendra Bulani as its CMO (Chief Marketing Officer).

Jitendra, who has more than 15 years of global marketing exposure with leading cybersecurity organizations, was formerly responsible for public relations & communications at Sophos for India, SAARC, and the Middle East & Africa region.

In an exclusive chat with Digitaltech Media, Jitendra Bulani shares more about his recent career move and the change he plans to drive at Infopercept.

Read excerpts of the interview below.

Give us a background about your past working experiences.

I have more than 15 years of experience in cybersecurity marketing. I started my career with a PR agency for a brief time but then switched to Cyberoam, an emerging network security company from India. As one of the core marketing team members of its global marketing team, I was responsible for managing all the aspects of marketing, including channel marketing, field marketing, public relations, and corporate marketing.

Cyberoam was acquired by Sophos in 2014, and since then, I was handling PR and communications in India, SAARC, the Middle East, and Africa region.

If I could summarize my career so far, it has primarily been in cybersecurity, where I have experienced both worlds: an emerging company in the global markets and a structured multinational with defined processes and frameworks.

At Infopercept, I will closely work with the management to develop a marketing approach, which is both an aggressive start-up and a structured MNC.

You recently joined Infopercept Consulting Pvt Ltd as its CMO. Please share more about your role and responsibilities in the company.

Infopercept is a cybersecurity company that covers all aspects of security over and above the basic cyber hygiene solutions, which are majorly used to prevent known attacks.

Infopercept works on three major cybersecurity approaches-offensive security, defensive security, and compliance. 

Offensive is an approach wherein an external team acts like adversaries and attacks the systems to know the vulnerabilities and present a report on various vulnerabilities in applications, processes, and people. Organizations can then work on solving the vulnerabilities. Infopercept provides a combination of its tool called ‘Invinsense Offensive Detection and Response’ (OXDR) and teams to launch actual as well as simulated attacks.

Defensive means you are implementing tools and people to detect & respond and to threat hunt to combat any attempt of cyberattacks. Infopercept provides a tool called Invinsense XDR, Invinsense XDR + (deception technology), and teams to provide 24×7 detection and response.

Security compliance is the framework that organizations require to follow either proactively or by regulation. Compliance, if followed religiously, can be a great strategic framework for organizations that can improve their cybersecurity posture. Infopercept provides its platform called Invinsese GSOS along with teams to take care of all kinds of security compliances.

My major responsibility at Infopercept will be to position Infopercept, within several cybersecurity providers globally, in such a way that it does justice to what they deliver to the customers globally.

How different and challenging do you think will be your role at Infopercept?

The major challenge in cybersecurity today is that there are thousands of players speaking a very similar language. Among these players, there are many with huge funds to create an amplified noise.

In such a scenario, grabbing a share of the mind of cybersecurity decision-makers globally will be a constant challenge for an emerging company like Infopercept.

We need to optimize our marketing approach to achieve the best ROI.

What change are you looking to drive in your new role?

Infopercept is a technology company, and I would work to convert it into a marketing organization that does justice to its technology solutions and innovations.

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