Virsec’s Application-Aware Workload Protection Finds More Takers as Demand Surges

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The leaderin application-aware workload protection, Virsec has observed that regional companies emerging out of the pandemic are accelerating their investments into digital transformation. This has seemingly arisen from their increasing concern about the everyday announcements of cybersecurity compromises at large and medium enterprises, global and regional.

With organizations facing growing sophistication of cyberattacks, the demand for effective solutions is on a rise. Advanced attack techniques that execute at runtime in the memory layer have become commonplace while companies still struggle to combat them.

Virsec Security Platform offers a powerful solution for container workload protection with runtime visibility and zero-dwell-time defense throughout running container images, including binaries, libraries, interpreted code, and memory.

“It is imperative we change the way we think about the protection of our assets and infrastructure. Conventional security tools, like blacklisting models, were designed to address yesterday’s challenges, and we can’t continue to accept these offerings as the ideal option to mitigate advanced threat scenarios,” said Bobby Gupta, Senior Vice President and Managing Director International, Virsec.

Virsec has more than 50 patents and the company provides the first and only application-aware workload protection platform that incorporates System Integrity Assurance, Application Control and Memory Protection into a single solution. Besides, Virsec delivers in-depth visibility across the entire workload and detects and blocks known and unknown threats that remain concealed by heuristic and endpoint security solutions.

Says Jim Routh, Chief Security Advisor and Board Participant at Virsec, “Security has entered a third wave, driven by the skyrocketing success of more damaging and sophisticated attacks across cloud workloads and virtual server infrastructure. It is time for security to be re-evaluated at its deepest levels and approached holistically by integrating security into IT and application infrastructure in runtime across a broad range of IT environments and application languages. Virsec has pioneered this approach with its breakthrough platform.”

With strong revenue growth, strategic customer validation and testing, and industry acceptance of its non-traditional approach to reducing cyber threats, Virsec has reported significant momentum in the first half of 2021.

Virsec’s growth draws a parallel with increasing board-level concerns about the financial, safety, and intellectual property impacts of evolving threat scenarios and the subsequent need to have deeper visibility into application workloads at runtime.

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