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Tyco Security and Supertron VAD Collaborate for the South Asian Region

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October ___ , 2021 – Delhi, India – Johnson Controls, the leading provider of smart, health, and sustainable buildings, has announced a major master distribution agreement with Supertron Electronics Pvt. Ltd, Value Added Distribution Venture, to supply Tyco’s comprehensive Security product line. This agreement will take use of Supertron’s existing one-stop partner enablement, end-to-end fulfillment, and increased sales and pre-sales bench capacity in South Asia to expand our market access and coverage.

Mr. Debraj Dam, Chief for VAD of Supertron-VAD Venture calls this collaboration a welcome addition to the company’s extensive offering of superior security services in the South Asian region.  This will allow the company to systematically grow on its AVS domain, giving partners the opportunity to give holistic solutions to their clients, along with the professional guidance and services it provides.

He says, “As we build the relationship across the South Asia region, we believe the synergy will accelerate the business to greater success. We look forward to this strategic partnership evolving into a cornerstone for securing businesses and their operations.”

With the eruption of COVID-19, the need for close surveillance has grown as a due to growing trend of the prevalent use of advanced solutions to protect individuals, facilities, and assets in different industries such as public organizations, large infrastructure projects, academic institutions, banking, hospitality, and other commercial properties.

Mr. Dam added, “The Company also tends to stand with the government’s flagship program ‘Make in India’ which will help our partner ecosystem immensely. The market for advanced security surveillance systems is rising at a significant pace. With this strategy, we also jointly can cater to the domestic market at large.”

About Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls helps people live, work, study, and grow in better settings. Its aim is to redefine building performance to serve customers, locations, and the environment, and it is a global frontrunner in offering intelligent, healthy, and sustainable buildings. Johnson Controls’ integrated digital offering OpenBlue, which has a legacy of over 135 years of innovation, provides the blueprint for the future for domains such as healthcare, education, data centres, aviation, stadiums, industry, and more. Johnson Controls has the largest global spectrum of building technology, application, and service operations with some of the most trusted brands in the market, with a global staff of 100,000 professionals across over 150 countries.

About Supertron Electronics-VAD Supertron Electronics Pvt Ltd [SEPL], a prominent IT distributor in India with an ISO 9001:2015 Quality accreditation, was founded in 1993. In July 2019, Supertron launched a technological Value Added Distribution Venture (SEPL-VAD) with a major emphasis on Unified Communications, AVS (Audio, Video, and Safety), and DCS (Data Centre and Storage). It is emphasizing on a consulting framework for understanding and collaborates with Solution Providers and their customers by providing novel solutions associated with future technology deployments of Audio, Visual, IoT, Cloud, Data, safety, Software – defined Application, and management capabilities.

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