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Treading the Path Less Taken – Manasi Saha, Macaws Infotech

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Based in Kolkata, Manasi Saha is among those women entrepreneurs who like to tread the path less taken. An adventure seeker, a go-getter, and an athlete, Manasi has also exhibited her skills at national level high-jumping.

Her decision to set up Macaws Infotech, a woman-owned & managed venture, was only a natural step further, as she longed to create her niche in the IT industry. Having established Macaws in 1999, she has come a long way to become one of the most successful women entrepreneurs in the IT fraternity. Currently, she also heads ISODA (Indian Software Dealer’s Association), as its President where she strives hard to support and uplift the partner community.

With over two decades of experience in the business of IT and cybersecurity, Manasi has led from the front, meeting challenges head-on and delivering her best when pushed to her limits. 

Digitaltech Media interacted with Manasi Saha, Founder & Owner Macaws Infotech to learn more about her plans for the company amidst the pandemic –

How has the cybersecurity landscape changed in India?

With the central government pushing for digital India and a cashless economy, cybersecurity has come to the forefront for CXOs. Today, data and information are being considered as the new oil, and Netizens are becoming more and more aware of their privacy rights. We know that data breaches can break the company’s reputation and consequent profits.

Adding salt to the injury, the Indian GDPR, i.e. IDPR will attract a 5-15 crore penalty, which is now the new benchmark for cybersecurity budget for even SMEs. The rise or fall of any company in the future will depend on the digital marketing professionals and cybersecurity defenders, while everyone else is most likely going to be a mere spectator.

How are you planning to drive business growth amidst pandemic?

Companies that had strong policies for Teleworking, BYOD, business continuity ISO22301 were future-ready and are doing well amidst the pandemic. Those who had so far resisted change are learning now the hard way at the expense of avoidable incidences. Tomorrow’s world will focus more on business resilience, OSHAS; cyber Security, XDR above information security.

What was the impact of COVID-19 impact on your business?

MACAWS Infotech is predominantly into Cybersecurity, 2facor authentication, SSL VPN, Encryption, MDM, CLOUD SECURITY, SO 70%. Our workforce is used to working from remote locations and therefore working from home has been a smooth transition for them. We were having a “paperless digital” and “minimum contact” business earlier also. So for us, there has not been much disruption due to the pandemic.

We were more accessible, more concerned, more organized, and ready for any technical consultation from before for our esteemed customer. Growth wise there has been a fractional slow down which we will overcome in the coming months.

Are there any new solutions that you are planning to bring to the table?

Yes, we will be focusing now more on CLOUD SECURITY, CLOUD Infrastructure, CLOUD MANAGED SERVICES, SERVERLESS. We are collaborating for Google Cloud and IIAH for Network Audit, Security Audit, VAPT. We are looking for a few more synergies in the coming months and will be focusing more on XDR, AI, ML.

What kind of support have you received from the vendors during such pressing times?

With a 70% increase in Ransomware attack and a 300% increase in a phishing attack, our security vendor has played a critical role in this pandemic. We have received excellent support from our vendors like Sophos and Trend Micro, as far as knowledge sharing, handholding, and technical support is concerned.

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

I feel many opportunities will be knocking at our door. We need to be more focused, organized, and alert, even as we wait for the correct opportunity and time. We have to adopt and adapt to a new environment that is still to emerge and far from being comprehended.

On a personal level, I was a complete outdoor person, but due to the compulsions of the present situation, I have had to evolve to an indoor person. So, from tennis, gym and swimming, I have now moved on to Yoga and Art of Living.

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