Tenable’s Frictionless Assessment to help customers seamlessly assess the Cloud

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In a bid to help customers instantly and continuously assess their cloud compute instances, Tenable has announced some groundbreaking capabilities. The beauty of Frictionless Assessment, as it is called, is that organizations do not need to deploy any additional software and would be able to confidently harness the benefits of modern, cloud-first environments. It also would not require any vulnerability management programs for periodic scans or even agent-based approaches. 

The current work-from-home economy besides accelerating cloud adoption has also introduced new security challenges with remote workers and new assets coming online. The cloud requires purpose-built sensors that leverage native technology to perform instant, continuous and efficient assessment and deliver holistic visibility. 

Frictionless Assessment from Tenable is a revolutionary approach to vulnerability management for modern assets that leverages native technologies deployed as part of the cloud asset to continuously assess instances for vulnerabilities. Customers will be at liberty to evaluate cloud assets without interruption and quickly detect any new vulnerability as their environment changes. Frictionless Assessment is also designed to solve a key challenge of achieving and maintaining accurate visibility into cyber risk across all cloud-based assets.

This capability will first launch on Amazon Web Services (AWS), using AWS Systems Manager Run Command, to allow users to remotely and securely manage the configuration of their cloud instances without interruption.

“Cloud computing is a game changer and so is Frictionless Assessment,” said Renaud Deraison, chief technology officer and co-founder, Tenable. “Customers can set up a full vulnerability management program in seconds and receive actionable results for assets and workloads in their AWS cloud environment within minutes. We are empowering organizations to invest in the cloud confidently with a risk informed approach, focusing on the highest priority vulnerabilities that pose the greatest risk to the business and less time on managing scans, agents and software.”

Guy March, EMEA Channel Director further explained that channel partners wanting to enhance their work-from-anywhere offerings can now better help customers assess and track their Cyber Exposure and the maturity of their processes. “The ability to predict which vulnerabilities pose the greatest business risk and confidently address them across today’s distributed environments gives resellers valuable advantages at a time when customers are looking to consolidate resources while maximizing the protection of an increasingly dispersed workforce. Modern CISOs will certainly be looking for such benefits when wanting to understand the return on investment of solutions designed for remediation and mitigation,” he said.    Frictionless Assessment for AWS will be available to Tenable.io customers from the fourth quarter of 2020.

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