Taking the Legacy Forward-Paresh Lodha, Sujata Computers

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Paresh Lodha, CEO, Sujata Computers, takes great pride in being the 2nd generation entrepreneur. He draws inspiration from his father Dr. Sumatilal Lodha, who established the venture in 1999 and later guided Sujata Computers to greater heights.

A highly passionate and motivated individual, Paresh has always been very fascinated with computers. Since childhood, he aspired to learn and do something remarkable with it. His passion for learning more about computers led him to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Computers Science from the University of Pune, followed by a Masters in Business Management from Warwick Business School, UK. Today, he feels proud and excited about having served over 20 thousand customers through his company.

In a recent interaction with Digitaltech Media, this is what Paresh Lodha had to share about his journey so far and ahead in the IT sector.

How would you describe your journey in the IT industry?

My journey started as a 2nd generation entrepreneur. Thanks to my father, Dr. Sumatilal Lodha, who set up Sujata Computers Pvt Ltd in 1999, the first time I saw the computer as a child, I was very excited and wanted something great with it. My father has been my biggest inspiration behind joining the IT industry, and second only to that has been my desire to learn more about technology. Today, we have not only managed to run a successful IT organization but also feel proud about supporting nearly 140 employees as well as their families. 

The power that computers and software extend to people is what inspires me every day. I feel that the journey I have lived so far has been both exciting and inspiring.

Give us a background about yourself?

My desire to learn more about computers led me to pursue a Bachelor’s in Computers Science from the University of Pune. I also completed my Masters in Business Management from Warwick Business School, UK, and began my career as a service engineer. Later, I spent nearly a decade in the area of sales before eventually handling HR, accounts, and team management. Today, I manage a team of 140 people, along with my senior team members who have nearly two decades or more of experience in their respective field of work.

What were some of the roadblocks you encountered on your way?

For us, defining and re-defining the systems and processes were some of the most challenging tasks. We overcame several roadblocks in terms of developing the technology, aligning and restructuring teams, as well as leadership required for our organization. Our trusted team members and long-term association with our vendors have helped me to overcome every hurdle with time. I feel that it is the trust of our customers in our services and the brand that has allowed us to steer the business in the right direction.  

How has the pandemic impacted your business?

The pandemic did impact our business since we had to adapt to the new situation of working from home. We ensured that our team members were all working from home to serve our customers. We also introduced technologies that allowed our teams and customers to collaborate online. At Sujata  Computers, we have also focused on developing our skills on the cloud while encouraging our customers to do the same.

Have you introduced any new product/solution to the market?

We have recently launched our own IoT web and mobile application – vDots, and are in the process of introducing new features for our customers. We have also partnered with Google, Microsoft, and Amazon for cloud services and are collaborating with their teams to take solutions to the customers. vDots is on its way to becoming a world-class IoT platform to manage all kinds of industrial assets on one single platform. Apart from vDots, we have created an e-learning platform for the public schools along with the required IT infrastructure for it.

How do you differentiate yourself in the business? What has been your success mantra?

Multiple things differentiate us from other system integrators. One of them is our experience and expertise in handling mid to large scale projects. Secondly, our processes and systems are already in place and proven. Our mantra for success is that we do everything with passion. We take risks and are always open to the ideas that our customers have to share.

Tell us more about your e-Commerce operations of Parto? How do you plan to steer it further?

We are introducing new-age e-commerce in this calendar year that will ensure timely deliveries for our customers, making things more convenient for them. We will be focusing on our existing product range as well as introduce new products that will offer much flexibility to our customers.

Where do you see yourself a year from now? We are planning to add new products and solutions to our offerings. We intend to add at least ten thousand new customers by next year. We are also looking to expand the business in the northern and southern regions of India by 2021.

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