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Srinivasan Mahalingam Joins C-Square Info Solutions as the New CISO

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Srinivasan Mahalingam was recently appointed as the CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) of C Square Info Solutions Pvt Ltd (A subsidiary of Reliance Retail Limited).

Before joining C-Square Info Solutions, Srinivasan held the position of CISO at Chennai-based Fusion BPO Services.A skilled leader and manager with an in-depth understanding of information technology and security, Mahalingam is adept at communicating complex security ideas to both technical and non-technical staff. With more than 15 years of experience in information security management systems in the IT, telecommunications, healthcare, BFSI (banking), outsourcing, cloud software development, and manufacturing industries, Srinivasan has excellent people management skills

He has served various organizations in both leadership and support roles.

c square info solutions

At C-Square Info Solutions, a Bangalore-based software company that has been providing automated solutions, applications, integration, interface between retailers and distributors, and information technology consulting to the pharmaceutical industry for over seventeen years, Mahalingam will be responsible for establishing and implementing information security programme, including processes and policies to secure company communications, systems, and assets from both internal and external threats. In his role, Srinivasan will also be in charge of handling disaster recovery and business continuity plans.

It must be noted that C-Square Info Solution has domain expertise in providing holistic solutions to all parties involved in the pharmaceutical industry. The company was established by Sripal Bachawat and Sajith T. in 2002. The company provides software solutions for multiple tasks such as cost and freight, distribution, retail, online e-commerce, sales force, and automation, with a deep focus on the pharmaceutical industry. RIL has an 82 percent controlling ownership in Bengaluru-based software solutions provider C-Square.

The company has successfully ushered in a transformation in the pharmaceutical industry by encouraging everyone to reconsider how technology might assist them in business growth and management efficiency.

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