Launch of Cloud Business Solutions for SMBs

Shivaami Cloud Services Collaborates with ICICI Bank to Launch Cloud Business Solutions for SMBs

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The Mumbai based company will also offer transaction banking API solutions for SMEs in India to help them to grow and expand their services.

Mumbai based Shivaami Cloud Services has recently announced its partnership with ICICI Bank to launch Cloud Business Solution for SMBs, coupled with transaction banking API solutions for SMEs. The company went live with the product on the 4th of August on the foundation day of Shivaami, which was inaugurated by Ms. Taru Dahiya, Director, Asia Pacific, Google Cloud.

Throwing more light on the tie-up, Punit Thakkar, CEO & MD – Shivaami Cloud Services Pvt. Ltd. said, “Our partnership with ICICI Bank has helped us remain committed to providing the latest technology with an endeavor to fulfill customer needs, and contribute to their growth journey. Computing capabilities on the cloud are transforming the online business environment, enabling businesses to run faster, more efficiently, and at  reduced costs. Driven on digital platforms, small and medium businesses hold a lot of opportunities to expand their services, and improve everyday operations.”

With this partnership, Shivaami will get broader access to the SMB segment of ICICI bank. The company will be able to deliver cloud technology to the semi-urban center of the country with support from ICICI business banking. This will further improve the adoption of the cloud model in India and help to further the mission of the Digital India movement.

It must be noted that Shivaami Cloud Services and ICICI Bank collaboration will facilitate the launch of Cloud-based products bundled with transaction banking API solutions for the SMB to broaden access to cloud technologies. It will also help in the digitizing of small and medium enterprises in India. This Solution will assist the SMB & MSME organizations to manage all their organizational day to day work on the cloud by eliminating the legacy solution of working, which was both costly and time-consuming. The collaboration will provide the SMBs and the SME with price benefits while ensuring data security and enhanced collaboration within their organization.

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