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Leads Policy

Rejected leads can be replaced with new leads only through the mail reaction only.

Policy related to Not Contacted –

a) Replacement of leads If Non-approach leads are reported within 7 days from the date of report acceptance.

b) A New set of valid leads will be shared against Non-approch leads, No status sheet will be shared related to Non-approch leads if not Opted Tele-calling plan.

c) Any change in the profile of data, the format of the Lead sheet, or any further filtering of the data can be done only with a renegotiated price package.

BANT (Budget, Authority, Need & Timeline) Policy

A fresh set of qualified leads will be shared against contacted lead rejection; the status sheet will be shared related to contacted leads only on a weekly basis.

3) In case of any intervention or stop in Campaign, The invoice will be raised on total leads submitted before the Pause Instruction.

Digitaltech Media will replace rejected lead only if the same certified the above criteria and is intimatedwithin 7 days from the report submission date and subsequent final rejection on replaced leads must again qualify above criteria and should be intimated within 7 days with the rejection reason.

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