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Schneider Electric and AVEVA jointly support the sustainability initiatives of Mining and Metals companies

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In a major move, Schneider Electric, the leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, and AVEVA, a global leader in industrial software combined technology offerings have announced that they are jointly supporting the sustainability initiatives of mining companies.

The sustainability initiatives will be led in four key pillars – energy efficiency, yield improvement, low greenhouse emission technology adoption, and new green processes.

In order to empower organizations across the mining, minerals, and metals value chains to be more strategic in their choices with sustainability in mind and make informed decisions, Schneider Electric and AVEVA are providing the required tools. They are assisting operators and managers while leaving these organizations well positioned to overcome some of the challenges associated with adopting sustainable practices. This will eventually result in reduced operating costs and thus provide the rare ability of appeasing all stakeholders.

The IDC Technology Spotlight sponsored by AVEVA and Schneider Electric – Transitioning to Sustainable Mining, Minerals and Metals Practices, cites that the top three market pressures driving the sustainability agendas of mining and metals organizations are –

·         Need to improve brand equity

·         Reduce the risk of an adverse event

·         Ensure compliance with current and future regulations

The IDC Technology Spotlight also reiterates the fact that as the industry continues to experience backlash from its perceived stagnant position on sustainability, platforms with added analytics are enabling improved operational efficiencies while enhancing the visibility of the changes being made.

“Technology has a critical role to play in supporting mining companies,” said Ben Kirkwood, Senior Research Manager, IDC Energy Insights – WW Mining. “Efforts to hit sustainability targets and gain greater visibility and control over operations will enable corporate insight and action relating to energy, water usage, and management of the operational environment. IDC’s global analysis of the revenue growth and profitability of industrial companies shows that those with a committed and ongoing sustainability-based strategy combined with a long-term, funded, digital transformation agenda considerably outperform their competitors.”

“Digitally integrated operations can address key areas of an organization’s sustainability agenda by combining power and process intelligence and controls,” said David Willick, VP North America, Mining, Minerals and Metals Segment – Schneider Electric. “We are experts at marshalling the power of connected systems and human insight to bring operational performance to its highest level. Together we have won the trust of the world’s leading companies with thousands of implementations onsite and in the cloud. Today our joint customers can benefit from our shared customer-centric innovation culture, unmatched R&D capabilities, and extensive sector-specific expertise.”

Martin Provencher, Industry Principal, Mining, Metals and Materials, AVEVA said, “Although the benefits of digital transformation are crystal clear, the mining industry has thus far been limited by legacy infrastructure, data inadequacies, and piecemeal optimization programs. The combination of Schneider Electric’s energy management solutions, automation systems and services, and AVEVA’s Digital Mining Transformation solutions enable our customers to transform conventional mining operations into intelligent, resilient and sustainable undertakings.”

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