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Rubrik Launches $10Million Ransomware Recovery Warranty for Enterprises in India

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Key Data Points
The Most Attacked Region in 2022: India & South East Asia
Attack Type: Ransomware: Avg. Recovery Time: 10 Days
Reported Attacks 2022 vs 2021: 53%
Key Targets: IT/ITeS, Manufacturing, Utilities, Healthcare, Pharmacy

Rubrik, a premiere Zero Trust Data Security firm, recently announced that the company has launched a $10 million worth ransomware recovery warranty. The newly introduced warranty shall cover expenditures for the recovery as well as restoration of data safeguarded by Rubrik, at a time when data is otherwise difficult to be recovered post a ransomware attack.

With this move, Rubrik will reiterate its commitment to customers and its business strength to extend confidence that the company can quickly recover and restore business-critical operations when dealing with ransomware attacks.

“With cybercrimes increasing and gaining sophistication at a greater pace, minimizing the ransomware attack risk to zero has become a difficult task. This demands firms to remain ready and vigilant about the inevitable instance of a cyberattack,” shared Bipul Sinha, Co-Founder & CEO, Rubrik and Abhilash Purushothaman, Vice President & General Manager (Asia) at Rubrik

The introduction of ransomware recovery in India is an important step towards strengthening trust alongside demonstrating firm global support to customers in the fight against cybercrimes and attacks, he added. 

The Global & Indian Scenario

Ransomware attacks have witnessed massive growth and become an $8.4 trillion industry worldwide, making it one of the biggest threats to world economies. A report released by the Rubrik Zero Labs State of Data Security, which surveyed more than 1,600 Information technology as well as security leaders, revealed that over half of the respondents’ firms were hit by a ransomware attack in 2022.

According to the report, 26% of respondents in India reported that their companies experienced more than 100 attempted cyberattacks within 2022 alone, while 51% of organizations had to deal with the loss of clients owing to cyberattacks. With more and more companies relying on data-heavy technology, this data’s susceptibility to cybercrime has also grown in tandem. It is vital that companies pivot from trying to mitigate the risk of cyberattacks completely to emphasizing reducing the impact, clarified Rubrik.

Safeguarding against ransomware attacks is one of the primary concerns for enterprises today. The Ransomware Recovery Warranty offered by Rubrik is a one-of-a-kind service as it underscores the company’s confidence in its solutions related to data security and their potential to recover data for customers in the event of a cyberattack.

Rubrik’s Ransomware Recovery Warranty is a unique offering that guarantees expenditures related to data recovery and restoration in the event of a ransomware attack. The warranty will be available to clients using Rubrik’s Enterprise Edition and those collaborating with Rubrik CEM (Customer Experience Manager), for implementing security best practices.

About Rubrik

Rubrik is focused on securing data worldwide. With Zero Trust Data Security, Rubrik helps enterprises achieve business strength against cyberattacks, operational disruptions, and malicious insiders. Rubrik Security Cloud, powered by ML, safeguards data across organizations, SaaS, and cloud applications.

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