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Redis Labs Announces 63% Customer Growth with Redis Enterprise Cloud on AWS

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Redis Labs, together with AWS re:Invest 2020, announced continued client growth with Redis Enterprise Cloud on AWS, with around 63% of growth in the past 2 quarters as well as fresh integrations with HashiCorp Terraform and AWS Outposts. When combined with Redis Enterprise’s Active-Active geo-distribution technology, these integrations will make things much easier for firms to build, migrate, operate as well as scale their apps across the cloud lifecycle.

Redis Enterprise Cloud on AWS is affordable, fully managed DBaaS (Database-as-a-Service), which will be available as a multi-cloud and hybrid solution. Built atop a serverless system, Redis Enterprise Cloud automates and simplifies database provisioning. Users get to pick the throughput and memory limit, whereas Redis Enterprise Cloud shall provide the appropriate resources and infrastructure in a fully automated way. Created for modern distributed apps, Redis Enterprise Cloud also offers sub-millisecond performance at an infinite scale. This enables operations and developers teams to provide high-performance, intelligent, resilient, and scalable applications quickly using Redis native data systems as well as sophisticated data models.

Provide low-latency solutions–anywhere

Redis Labs has acquired the AWS Outposts Ready designation, which is a part of the AWS (Amazon Web Services) Service Ready Program. AWS Outposts is basically a fully managed service that offers AWS services, AWS infrastructure, tools, and APIs to almost any co-location space, data center, or on-premises infrastructure for a consistent & hybrid experience.

This latest integration will allow Redis Labs clients to run on-premise with AWS Outposts, and in a hybrid cum cloud deployment while enjoying all the advantages of a fully managed Redis solution, including:

⦁ Five nines uptime for globally distributed data (at any scale)

⦁ Active-Active Redis integrations & deployments throughout AWS regions as well as hybrid deployments

⦁ Seamless migration between on-premises to the cloud, but avoiding a single cutoff

⦁ A unified real-time data experience across data structures and modern data models

⦁ Attractive total cost of ownership for large (using Redis on Flash) and small (multi-tenant architecture) datasets

⦁ Achieving the AWS Outposts Ready designation differentiates Redis Labs as an AWS Partner with a product fully tested on AWS Outposts.

Creating and managing Redis resources

The latest integration with HashiCorp Terraform enables Redis Enterprise Cloud clients to provision as well as manage Redis Enterprise Cloud databases easily, along with any cloud infrastructure resources–including AWS services–that their apps require, all written in the form of a code. Designed to complement the workflows that software teams are adopting, the HashiCorp Terraform Redis Enterprise Cloud Provider ensures that infrastructure management becomes both reproducible and predictable, so few errors occur, and development becomes more efficient.

As organizations are making Redis Enterprise their core data platform service throughout their business, providing Redis Enterprise Cloud as a provider in HashiCorp Terraform will help to simplify deployments and standardize configurations, thus providing the freedom of deploying Redis on their desired infrastructure platform.

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