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PremiumAV Launch Tripod Stand Featuring Hybrid Head

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PremiumAV, the premier provider of modern PC and Mobile accessories, launched a 60-inch compact tripod stand recently, featuring a hybrid head for iPhone and smartphone mounting for those passionate about photography. The PremiumAV is uniquely designed to hold both iPhone and Smartphone cameras static and stable that further helps to ease photography. 

Sharing more information about the PremiumAV 60-inch Compact Tripod stand, Sanjay Garg, CEO, PremiumAV, stated, “Our new range of Tripod collection is compact and lightweight that makes it easy for one to carry anywhere during their travel. This smartphone tripod is the most versatile yet less expensive and is apt for photography. PremiumAV tripods can take photography to the next level with beautiful shots and videos one would never be able to take hand-held.”

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It must be noted that the PremiumAV, easy to adjust height tripod, is carved out of lightweight aluminum. The tripod stand s capable of bearing a maximum weight/load of 2 kg to deliver optimal performance. It also features a 3-way head that allows swivel and tilt motion, and users can capture photographs in landscape and portrait mode.

It also comes with a quick-release plate, which offers seamless and fast transitions between different shots. The tripod comes in various measurements of 50-inches, 60-inches, as well as 70-inches and carries a 1-month warranty under the Amazon policy. The tripod is available for buying on Amazon.

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