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Nozomi Networks Expands Partnership with Siemens to Deliver Affordable Cybersecurity

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Nozomi Networks Partnership With Siemens

Nozomi Network and Siemens have expanded their collaboration by adding Nozomi Networks’ Guardian Remote Collector software into the Siemens Scalance LPE local processing engine, a hardware platform built for data processing in manufacturing contexts.

Using the power and simplicity of the Siemens Scalance LPE hardware, customers can now quickly deploy the leading OT & IoT continuous monitoring solution to their industrial networks.

“The Siemens cooperation with Nozomi Networks has reached a key milestone,” stated Sid Snitkin, Vice-President of Cybersecurity Advisory Services at ARC Advisory Group.

“Integrating Nozomi Networks technologies into Siemens Scalance LPE eliminates integration cycles and provides users with an efficient and dependable solution that includes cybersecurity features.”

The Scalance LPE contains a Docker containerized version of the Guardian Remote Collector, which brings local data collecting, pre-processing, and analytics to operational technology installations. It enables more efficient analysis and data aggregation by any centralized application, including Nozomi Networks Vantage cloud-hosted security platform, and provides an effective approach to distribute processing resources across big manufacturing operations.

The Scalance LPE effortlessly delivers highly scalable continuous monitoring and intrusion detection to the network edge.

The Nozomi Networks Remote Collector, which is housed on the Scalance LPE, receives data from the edge and monitors and analyses industrial network protocols (such as PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, and EtherCat) for unusual activity and potential threats. This integration is unusual in that it can collect traffic from parallel PROFIsafe production cells utilizing Siemens reference network designs.

 Nozomi Networks

 Nozomi Networks analyses data from industrial processes or global enterprises to deliver insights and actionable intelligence to manage security threats and improve response and repair times. The Scalance LPE is a great complement to Nozomi Networks, the industry’s most scalable OT cybersecurity solution, as it provides large-scale industrial automation with distributed local processing capabilities at the edge.

“This is the first widely circulated network security information collection and examination programming implanted in the Scalance LPE stage and is an essential piece of our safeguard top to bottom thought for OT network security,” said Maximilian Korff, Lead, Business Development for Scalance at Siemens. “This collaboration provides our clients with a non-interfering and robust solution for continuously recognizing threats and increasing the perceivability of their OT organization,”

“Supporting the Scalance LPE with a docker compartment form of our Remote Collector will simplify organization choices for our clients and builds on our previous support for the Siemens Ruggedcom APE stage,” stated Chet Namboodri, Vice President of Business Development at Nozomi Networks.

“Siemens assists customers in getting the most out of the Nozomi Networks platform at any scale for these key manufacturing and industrial control customers.” The Nozomi Networks integration with Siemens hardware is currently available. 

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