Law and Justice Committee of PHDCCI Organises Conference on Cyber Laws & Cyber Security

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The Law and Justice Committee recently organized the PHDCCI’s Conference on Cyber Laws & Cyber Security, chaired by Priya Hingorani, Senior Advocate and Co-chairs, Mohini Lalit Bhat, Advocate, Mr. Sarvesh Chowdhry, Advocate and Mr. Kirit Javali, Advocate Supreme Court of India at the Ph.D. House, New Delhi. The conference witnessed participation from members of the cyber industry and the legal fraternity. 

The Conference was supported by Digitaltech Media as the Media Partner and graced by the presence of expert speakers during the technical sessions, including Dr. Deepak Kumar, DC, Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Centre; S K Sethi, Founder & CEO, Insurance Foundation of India; Pankaj Anup Toppo, Policy Programmes and Research, India Future Foundation and, Paramjeet Wasson, Secretary, PHDCCI.

Alarming Increase In Cyber Crimes

Col. Abdul Hameed Khan, the Commanding Officer of the 7DG Battalion, projected Cybercrimes as one of the fastest-growing crimes in the world and stated that the annual losses from Cybercrimes were expected to escalate to 10% of the global GDP in the next two years, from 1% today. He explained how national assets become potential targets because of malware. He suggested steps to avoid cyberattacks, like practicing cyber hygiene, risk assessment, risk mitigation, creating an organizational structure, and promoting collaboration and awareness. 

The Solution Is Rather Simple

Prof. N K Goyal, the President of the CMAI Association of India, congratulated PHDCCI for organizing the conference and offerings insights & solutions. He explained how risks increase with technological advancements and stated how being mindful could protect us from getting hacked by clarifying, “Hackers are not IT Professionals; they hack the human psychology.”

The Need To Be Cautious

SK Sethi, the Founder & CEO of the Insurance Foundation of India, followed him. In the ‘1 Cyber Attack Can Ruin You Forever’, the author pointed out how we need to be cautious as mobile phones have several applications and tools, like fax machines, calculators, and payment systems, that widen our exposure to Cyberattacks, how Cyberattacks have resulted in the downfall of successful CEOs of companies like Yahoo, Target, and Equifax, and the importance of exercising due care by prohibiting personal emails on official computers, giving Cyber Consultants access to audit the systems, encouraging the IT teams to attend trade shows and events to stay updated. 

Scarcity Of Options

Khushhal Kaushik, Founder & CEO of Lisianthus Tech, took the stage and stated that India has a scarcity of options, making the Zero Trust Architecture implementation difficult, helping the hackers identify and gather the technical and security frameworks.

Tracking And Recording Information Online

Amit Dubey, the Radio Host for Red FM and an avid Cybercrime Investigator shared several practical insights and case studies. He showcased how various websites track and record every piece of information. He suggested ways to protect our devices from hackers and highlighted the apps to be avoided.

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