iValue InfoSolutions and Stratus Technologies

iValue InfoSolutions and Stratus Technologies Announce Partnership Renewal

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iValue InfoSolutions and Stratus Technologies Partnership

India’s premium technology enabler iValue InfoSolutions has recently announced the expansion of their 5-year-old partnership with Stratus Technologies, a worldwide leader of fault-tolerant systems for high-availability applications. Since the very beginning of their partnership, iValue has been catering and acquiring customers across BFSI, MFG, and Space Research verticals with the help of Stratus’ Fault Tolerant Servers. With Stratus’ recent addition of Edge Computing Solutions to their offering, iValue is now excited about achieving more business opportunities in the future.

“iValue has always had an advantage of associating with the right mix of technology providers and aiding technology development and usage in India along with 13+ locations. Our partnership with Stratus Technologies is 5-year-old, and we have been fostering business for their Fault Tolerant Servers,” said Amarjeet Singh Manchanda, VP – Data Centre & Cloud, iValue InfoSolutions.

Stratus is currently playing a significant role in driving digital transformation in the industry with their business-critical applications by delivering zero-touch Edge Computing platforms.

“For customers considering a digital transformation with projects that require local processing, cybersecurity or low latency, Stratus ztC is a converged Edge Computing stack that is simple to deploy and manage, protected from threats of interruption and automated to reduce the burden on IT and OT. It minimizes complexity and the need for significant IT involvement. We are happy to reaffirm and take our partnership to another stage by supporting their Edge Computing Solutions with our expertise for the Indian market,” exclaims Amarjeet.

Stratus Technologies

iValue has the added advantage of having top 100 brands as a loyal customer base across more than eight verticals with 5x times market growth and a robust team in 13+ locations. As a leading technology enabler, iValue has been preferring the optimization & transformation area, leveraging customer life cycle and product life cycle adoption frameworks. They believe in fostering innovation through delivering integrated offerings that power Data, Network & Application (DNA) management for enterprises.

 iValue’s penchant to choose the right partner while aiding its customers with niche and trustworthy solutions has helped them grow relentlessly, fostering the trust of their 5,000+ customers.

“Organisations in India are scaling up the deployments of zero-touch Edge Computing platforms to enable simple, protected, autonomous operations. Hence this is a strategic time for us and iValue to reinforce our partnership,” said Stratus’ Asia South Managing Director, Lin Hoe, Foong.

“With our Edge Computing platforms, we enable rapid transformation at the edge to securely translate data into actionable insight for richer analytical outcomes. Additionally, businesses require Stratus’ unmatched uptime and reliability for their critical applications. Our continued partnership with iValue demonstrates the demand for Stratus solutions and the expertise that iValue provides to end-users,” expresses Lin Hoe.  

This year, Stratus has announced the 2nd generation of its ztC Edge platform that combines built-in application virtualization and fault tolerance in a more easy-to-install, ruggedized design for the industrial edge. The new ztC Edge offers up to 200% greater performance over the prior ztC Edge generation. The computing platform is suited for running critical applications and building Smart Machines in Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Oil & Gas, Food & Beverage, and other industries where data loss and unplanned downtime are not acceptable.

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