ISODA’s 11th AGM Scheduled for 10th October

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For the first time meeting will be held online, and positions such as General Secretary, Treasurer, Vice President, and Vice Chairman will go into elections.

ISODA (Infotech Software Dealers’ Association) recently announced that its 11th Annual General Meeting would take place on the 10th of October, 2020. The ISODA committee clarified that despite the current pandemic and disrupted routine, the AGM would take place as per the set schedule.

Sharing more details about the AGM, Manasi Saha, President, ISODA stated, “For the first time the AGM will be conducted online wherein we will discuss the achievements of the committee during the last year. Also, a few positions of Office Bearers will go into elections.”

This year, ISODA’s AGM will witness elections for the post of General Secretary, Treasurer, Vice President, and Vice-Chairman. The committee is receiving nominations for its Election Returning Officer Ashok L of Futurenet Technologies, Chennai.

During the meet, the present Chairman, President, General Secretary as well as the Treasurer will provide insights about the association as well as its successful ROI creations to members.

The following are the changes that will come into effect once the new committee comes into existence.

Rajeev Mamidanna, Vice-Chairman will take over as the Chairman from Amarnath Shetty. His term at the office will be for one year.

Dnyanesh Kulkarni, Vice-President will take over as the President from Manasi Saha, and will serve one year at the position.

Vimesh Avlani – General Secretary, and Ravi Jalan – Treasurer, will vacate their positions, and the elections will further help to pick the future General Secretary as well as Treasurer for ISODA. Both the committee members will hold their respective positions for two years.

“With this AGM going online, we believe there will be maximum participation and cooperation from members from all the regions across the country to ensure its success,” shared Saha.

After the government imposed lockdown came into effect, Team ISODA has been working relentlessly to motivate its members. During the course, the association committee members undertook initiatives such as the ISODA As-Skilled-As-Possible program, TSX – India Edition, and Frequent Web-based sessions by experts. Each of these activities has helped the association heads to keep its members both engaged and interested.

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