ISODA Members Stands Tall and United Amidst Pandemic

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Members show their gratitude towards the association, even as the ISODA management team undertakes several initiatives to keep them motivated.

The outbreak of COVID-19 disease had a severe impact on almost every Channel Partner and Solution Provider in the IT industry. However, in order to keep them motivated and to ensure their emotional and mental well being, the Management Committee at ISODA organized a webinar called “Say Wow and Wah” with Sonika.

Apart from this, many ISODA members showed their gratitude towards the association and its members for their tremendous support over the years, and particularly during the times of crisis such as these.

Alok Gupta, CEO, Softmart Solutions, who has been a member of the association since the formation of ISODA in July 2008, stated that the association had provided him with tremendous opportunities in the areas of networking, knowledge, government influence, best practices, legal advice, relationships, tax advice, collaboration and more.

On the other hand, Manish Goenka, Co-founder of ICONS Group, reiterated the importance of an association like ISODA, especially during a pandemic.

“Businesses have been affected, some permanently. As entrepreneurs, it is our responsibility to manage the situation well. This means we need to capitalize on our membership with associations like ISODA currently where new business lines and ideas can be generated. From the time the lockdown was announced, our business with ISODA members has increased manifold! This shows that we need to collaborate even more in these uncertain times,” stated Goenka.

The pandemic also saw some ISODA partners such as Gautam Raj, Founder, and Director Ecomp Technology rise to the occasion and help migrant labourers.

The lockdown caused around 900-1000 migrant labourers from Bihar, UP, Orissa, West Bengal, Jharkhand, and other areas stranded. Many of them stood in the queue on a daily basis only to collect their train tickets to return home from Marathahalli and Bellandur.

“We have been helping them by giving them water and food packets daily. We have been able to distribute about 150,000 food packets till 31 of May. We have also tried to help the needy who had to stay back, by providing them dry rations-kit,” said Raj.

When inquired about ISODA’s contribution towards encouraging partners, Manasi Saha, President ISODA stated, “We called upon each and every ISODA member to not give up, however tortuous the path was looking. We realized that we were in the midst of a raging pandemic that has shown no signs of abating in the near future. The challenges that lie ahead are innumerable, however that must not deter us from moving on and on the contrary strengthen our resolve to stand tall. “

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