ISODA Concludes its 15th AGM, Appoints Vinod Kumar as President and Prashant Jain as the Chairman


In their recently concluded 15th AGM, ISODA (The Infotech Software Dealers Association) has appointed Vinod Kumar of Satcom Infotech Pvt Ltd as its President and Prashant Jain of JNR Management Resources India Pvt Ltd as the committee’s Chairman.

The event, held in Bengaluru, was physically attended by nearly 100 members, during which the members passed the minutes of their previous meeting, followed by the closure of the Agenda. Post the discussion, elections for the appointment of the new management committee were conducted smoothly. Additionally, ISODA also added a fresh chapter in Karnataka in 2023.

The meeting was followed by a Business Summit, held on 11th August, and supported by numerous tech vendors, including Sophos, Acer, Clear Touch, Ecaps, and 42 Gears, as well as metal sponsors such as Protean and Adrenalin.

The Summit witnessed active interaction between channel partners and vendors, paving the road ahead for stronger business ties and relations. The Summit also saw power-packed talk sessions by renowned speakers such as Ram Kumar Seshu, Suraj Malik, Jimmy George, and Surojit Bhattacharya on topics varying from business excellence, winning strategies, business valuation, and succession planning.

The newly appointed ISODA Management Committee for 2023 is as follows:

Chairman: Prashant Jain- JNR Management Resources India Pvt Ltd

President: Vinod Kumar- Satcom Infotech Pvt Ltd

Vice Chairman: Zakir Hussain Rangwala- BD Software Distribution Pvt Ltd

Vice President: Ajay Bhayani- Ambisure Technologies Pvt Ltd

Secretary: Vimesh Avlani- Graftronics  

Treasurer: Ravi Jalan: Shakti Enterprises

Regional Secretary ( East): Satya Priya Das- Logarhythm Consultancy Pvt Ltd

Regional Secretary (North East) : Tapan Ghosal – Data Crown Computers Pvt Ltd

Regional Secretary ( Gujarat): Gaurang Patel – Natraj Infotech Pvt Ltd

Regional Secretary ( North): Kamal Gulati-ITS Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd

Regional Secretary ( Rajasthan): Manoj Tiwari- Rise Tech Software Pvt Ltd

Regional Secretary ( South): Ravi Kumar Rajeseharan- V4 Technologies

Regional Secretary ( West): Amit Shah- TAS Technologies

Regional Secretary ( Karnataka): Sanjay Srivastava- Login Infotech

The new team will continue to grow the association in strength and stature while offering value addition to its members and the entire Software Dealers community.

The key priorities of the committee this year will be:

  • Act as the voice for the entire IT fraternity for the Government, trade, and other forums.
  • To encourage start-ups in the IT industry.
  • Focus on a new chapter in Karnataka added this year.
  • To increase the reach of ISODA in non-metro cities.
  • Help develop the skills of members by facilitating training and development activities.
  • Represent ISODA in relevant forums to increase exposure globally and nationally.
  • Encourage OEMs to enter and grow in the Indian Market.

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