VR Headset QIYU 3

iQIYI launches new all-in-one VR headset QIYU 3, making ripples in the gaming ecosystem

Product Review

IQIYI has launched an innovative and market-leading online entertainment service in China, and today launched its latest flagship video game (VR) headset QIYU 3 to further strengthen its premium video game digital entertainment ecosystem. The merchandise launch event was streamed live to voluminous fans via Extended Reality (XR) technology, demonstrating the revolutionary features of the Qi Yu 3 and bringing a range of free games to the device

IQiyi is currently the biggest online video site on the earth, its service has almost 6 billion hours per month and approximately 125 million active users weekly. On March 29, 2018, the corporation conducted an IPO (initial public offering) within the U.S., raising $ 2.25 billion. Since the Taiwanese government prohibits cooperation with video streaming companies in the People’s Republic of China, iQiyi won’t be available in Taiwan from October 15, 2020.

QIYU 3 Key Features

  • The headset uses a dual-screen solution designed specifically for a computer game. Equipped with two fast LCDs supported RGB sub-pixel arrays, the device encompasses a resolution of 4320 * 2160, actuality 4K level of the initial resolution. Support two built-in display driver chips, refresh rate can still reach 90Hz
  • Qiyu 3 is equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2, which could be a platform designed for VR\/AR and a high-performance mobile VR chipset. XR2 is provided with 8GB DDR4 RAM, which may provide high performance for games and other digital entertainment in a video game.
  • The headset uses the patented QLightpowered 6DoF interactive system, which may achieve 6DoF spatial positioning of the top and millimeter-level positioning accuracy of the motive force.
  • Qi Yu 3 is additionally equipped with iQUT Future Cinema, which provides users with a 2000-inch screen, which is resembling 20 80-inch TVs. With support for HDR, the device can do more detailed color reproduction, making the image more delicate and natural. Using iQiyi’s huge content library, Autumn Rain 3 also will be able to provide a large range of the newest movies and television shows. Additionally, iQIYI QIYU 3 provides 4K 3D movies and 8K video, 60fps, 13M bit rate, and industry-leading picture quality.

Gaming Support

QIYU 3 could be a device designed for enthusiastic gamers. The primary buyers will get 30 high-quality games at no cost. QIYU VR also plans to supply QIYU users with 3 free premium games each month.

QIYU 3’s first game spans multiple genres, including casual, shooting, and puzzle-solving games, further as popular VR games like Arizona Sunshine, Bee Swarm, Mercenary: Silicon Rise, ZombieLand: Headshot Fever, and AllinOne Sports VR.

The event also unveiled the interactive video game sci-fi drama “Yuanjie” jointly produced by Qiu VR and therefore the School of Animation and Digital Art of China Jiaotong University. At the same time, Qiyu VR has also developed a performance on the virtual stage “Qiuyu Show”, where users can watch and interact with the performance of their favorite virtual idols.

Final Words

Qiyu 3 will launch on major Chinese e-commerce platforms, JD.com and Tmall, starting on September 3. Existing Qiyu users and iQiyi customers can enjoy exclusive member privileges. In recent years, iQiyi has invested heavily in building a computer game ecosystem. Since entering the sphere of video games in 2016, Qiu VR has launched four products in five years and achieved a variety of world firsts, including the primary full 4K computer game viewer and therefore the first special customization within the future. medicine. Movies, and first get the 5G 8K VR live streaming function. Going forward, iQiyi will still invest in content, platform, and hardware to consolidate its leading position within the industry by providing users with high-quality multi-sensory experiences.

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