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“In life, you get what you can negotiate and not what you deserve,” Believes Minal Bhagat of Ensonic

Minal Bhagat of Ensonic

Quote: As Rabindranath Tagore rightly said, “You are a one-half woman and one-half dream.” We are more than just our gender, and need to dream big and shoot for the stars.

A diligent professional with a highly dynamic mind, Minal Bhagat, Director at Ensonic Computech Pvt. Ltd., has been a part of the IT industry for almost two decades. Minal is a team player with vast experience in multiple domains and has a strong passion for her work. A true leader, she is always keen on walking that extra mile to achieve the best outcomes.  

Born in a business-class Gujarati family, Minal knew that business was in her blood. She was married to an IT professional at 21, but that did not stop her from pursuing her dreams. Minal soon joined hands with her husband, entered the IT industry, and hasn’t looked back since.  

Here, she shares more about her life, career decisions, and what it takes to be a woman in sales in the IT industry. Read excerpts of Digitaltech Media’s exclusive interaction with Minal Bhagat below.

What hurdles did you face while carving a niche as a professional? How did you overcome them?

I was already a wife and a daughter-in-law and had my hands full when I decided to become a professional. I had the love and support of my husband and in-laws, who were constantly by my side at every step. They helped a lot by sharing household responsibilities, taking care of my child, and promoting gender equality at home, motivating me to perform better.

I worked in sales, a cut-throat field when I became a mother. In those days, being a housewife and taking care of the children was the norm. Some people around me tried to make me feel guilty about keeping my career and motherhood at par, but my husband and father-in-law supported me tremendously and helped me reach where I am.  

What is the Iron Lady Initiative, and in what ways has it helped you?

The Iron Lady is an initiative that develops and delivers high-impact leadership and transformational programs for women to help them achieve great heights in their professional careers. The initiative is run by top-notch executives with years of experience and a will to help women in the professional arena. 

I became a certified Iron Lady in 2019, and today I am focused on enabling all the girls to find their goals in life. 

As Rabindranath Tagore rightly said, “You are a one-half woman and one-half dream.” We are more than just our gender, and need to dream big and shoot for the stars.” 

Can you shed more light on the recent evolution of AV products and the Ed Tech Industry? What changes can you predict for the same? 

Throughout the pandemic, businesses have largely and often successfully adapted to new ways of working. They have embraced digitization and reorganized their supply chains. However, more is needed, and the leaders need to consider a broader perspective. The global executives have identified the following four priorities to be adopted by companies:

  1. Sustainability will be an important source of long-term competitive advantage. Business owners should take measures to teach the concept in their businesses systematically.
  2. Companies need to ensure that their employees are “cloud literate,” i.e., they have a keen sense of the cloud’s capabilities to bring results in innovation and productivity.
  3. Companies should engage new talents and focus on upskilling existing talent and digitizing the business. The employees prefer a flexible and diverse environment that isn’t hierarchical.  
  4. Both companies and clients prefer speedy changes with the constantly evolving technology. Sustainably increasing the speed of functions, transactions, and other matters help business owners to run their companies more efficiently and intelligently.

Where do you see yourself a couple of years from now?

I have transformed from an employee to an entrepreneur. We have taken the coaching industry by storm with our complete package, apart from the schools, colleges, and university solutions we offer. 

I firmly believe – “In life, you get what you can negotiate, and not what you deserve.”

For digitization in the education industry, the sky is the limit. We intend to reach all parts of the country and the world. The future of smart and digital classrooms is bright, and only a few companies have a complete range of products and solutions in this domain. Combining interactive panels with audio, visual broadcasting, and recording classrooms is revolutionary, and we are on the path to becoming the pioneers of this approach.

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