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How virtual technology conference has become a new reality?

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To combat against novel coronavirus, everyone is undertaking different measures in the various niche markets for survival. In this time of crisis, virtual technology conferences are earning importance and have become a new reality. People are embarking on a new virtual technology conference to conduct/attend meetings. Haven’t you attended any conference or in the dilemma of using virtual technology yet? Then it’s the right time for you. Let us do the reality check of this virtual technology.

In simple terms, a virtual conference is nothing but an online video conference for a group of people. In real-time, speakers are selected by the moderators. Participants of the conference could hear and see the speaker but are themselves not visible to anyone. However, at any point in time, participants can raise their hands and become speakers, post an invitation from the moderator. This technology incorporates the features of audio replies, group chats, polling address books to provide feedback at any point in time.

If you are thinking about what business is happening in virtual conference technology, there are plenty of examples. Seminars in any field like medicine, technology, etc. are using this technology. The in-person conferences have transformed into flexible, cost-effective virtual meetings. One would surely miss the whole environment of the in-person workshop. You will not see the attractive counters at the entrance of the seminar hall. You will not see a large gathering dressed in formal outfits. You will not get goodies like stationeries and will miss the smell of the coffee via a vending machine during the break. But inevitably, all this miss is entirely irrelevant in front of logistic overheads required to conduct an in-person meeting. Secondly, due to any unforeseen situation, if the seminar is postponed or canceled, no one can bear the losses incurred due to the cancellation. The organizers can send the updated invite to all participants without wasting any time as the planning and setup is very easy. Virtual meetings could be promoted online for broader outreach. Virtual conference technology is so flexible that you can attend the seminar from any corner of the world without any travel. Therefore, the organizers and participants’ expenditure for conducting or attending the workshop, respectively, is comparatively less. If you are worried about taking notes from the virtual conference, the virtual technology enables recording of the whole discussion, which is always uploaded online and shared among all the participants for future reference.

Amid COVID-19 pandemic, when the world is shaken and locked at home, the education system has entirely changed its pattern. Schools and colleges are exploiting this technology to mitigate the impact of COVID-19. This technology is analogous to a classroom where the students are the participants of the conference. The teacher plays both roles of the speaker and moderator. In case of queries, pupils raise their hand and ask their doubts while sitting at home. The transition from 2019 to 2020 was not as insignificant as the difference of nineteen twenty. The financial system has crashed completely. The corporate sector utilizes the strength of virtual conference technology very well to escape from the monetary crisis. The employees of the company are working on real-time business by attending virtual calls amid COVID-19. The induction program of the recruits held via a virtual technology conference. Every solution has its flipside also. One can experience distractions while attending the virtual meeting due to poor internet connectivity or multiple speaking times. Also, you get less opportunity to meet and socialize with new people keeping common interest. Nevertheless, virtual conference technology is a blessing in disguise during a global emergency.

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