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How Synoptiq Infosolutions ensured business continuity amidst the pandemic?

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The IT Channel Partner community in India, like every other industry, also bore the brunt of the deadly coronavirus breakout. A series of restrictions were announced by the Indian government, which also required everyone to maintain and follow the norms of social distancing. However, despite the mounting business challenges, some channel partners decided to take everything into their stride.

A popular face among them is Rajeev Mamidanna. Mamidanna registered his company-Synoptiq Infosolutions in December 2019 and initiated operations in February. But to his surprise, the lockdown was announced right after they commenced operations. While, the restrictions urged their entire team to work from home, the company resolved to focus on whatever business came their way. As a result, all the employees of the company were working remotely to meet client demands and concerns.

Digitaltech Media, interacted with Rajeev Mamidanna, Founder Synoptiq Infosolutions to discover how his company managed business amidst panedemic. Join us as we find out how the company is bracing up for the post COVID-19 scenario.

What risks have arisen to the business, your customers, or your employees due to COVID-19?

For us, the lockdown came in right after we started. But we knew that our solutions were more relevant in these times. We were working on multiple opportunities for infrastructure and security with our customers before the lockdown was announced. But, once the lockdown restrictions were in place, many of our customers orders were put on hold since their priorities changed. Given that the virus could spread by contact, customers and our organization reached an understanding that our engineers would continue to support the customers remotely. Even the customer IT teams were working from home and hence everyone understood well, the importance of working while distancing.

During the lockdown period, deliveries of onsite material were also affected because the customers priority also was to tackle their WFH workforce, their own operations, and their own business. The good thing is that after working so closely with the customer teams, there was a clear information flow to us regarding their priorities and key requirements.

 How do you plan to keep your employees motivated amidst pandemic?

We have been checking back with our employees on their health, their family welfare, and overall mood. The lockdown has given them a chance to learn more and acquire training on technologies of their specialization. We have in fact identified a few relevant solutions on security and have got our team to work on them to get themselves skilled. We are also not reducing any salaries at this time.

How do you plan to drive business growth post COVID-19?

We have moulded ourselves into a company that provides security solutions that are very relevant, especially in these times when customers are WFH and there is greater security threat than ever. We have in fact added customers during the lockdown because of our focus on Employee Productivity monitoring, Domain security, Anti-phishing solutions, Source code security, and end-point security. We have been having a hectic time of showing customers demos and proofs-of-concept online. We have a clear focus and vision for the solutions that we represent and our vendors have been supporting us brilliantly.

Why does your company have high growth potential?

We have been able to identify some very key solutions that the customers need at this time for their business continuity. We have quickly ramped up our teams to gear up to deliver these solutions. And we have been able to utilise our customer connects to position these relevant solutions so that they continue to work with complete peace of mind.

Are there any new products/solutions that you plan to offer in the Datacenter Security and Datacenter Infrastructure space?

We have ensured that the customers domain is not spoofed, their employees are trained on identifying phishing, their applications source code is revalidated for loopholes, and the end-points of their employees are protected. We have also focused on Employee Productivity Monitoring which has been on the customers radar as soon as the lockdown was announced. These solutions ensure that the customers business is secure in those relevant areas.

What support are you getting from vendors?

We are getting tremendous support in demos and POCs. We have been having some very good technology sessions with certifications and the vendors have been training our teams regularly. We are also getting relaxed support terms for customers who were not able to renew their subscriptions.

How is the partner program run by vendors helping you grow your business?

Their training programs for sales, pre-sales and post-sales have been very good. Some of them have kept the trainees continuously motivated by giving them some brownie points for attending and getting certified. Any mature organization needs to have sales, pre-sales and post-sales teams performing in sync and in our case, our teams have embraced a new normal without any challenges.

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