How Internet Helps You Finish Your Homework On Time?

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Bill Gates once said, “The internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow.” It is a tool that is easily accessible to all and has widespread use. The students are now so dependent on the Internet that carrying on their studies and completing their homework without using the Internet seems rather implausible. Below are the difficulties a student might face while doing their homework without using the Internet. 

Lack of Speed: Multiple search engines on the internet offer results at lightning-fast speed. Doing homework without using the Internet would involve using books that would consume more time and reduce efficiency. 

Difficulties In Fact-Checking: Books may be outdated and have old content that needs to be updated. It is difficult to check the facts mentioned in the books without using the Internet in case the latest edition of a book is unavailable.  

Lack of Infinite Sources: The Internet is a source of infinite resources. Even the most extensive libraries cannot compete with the sea of information available on the Internet, and the lack of information may negatively affect the quality of one’s homework.

Familiarity of Students: Kids are becoming increasingly adept at technology with every passing day. Looking up things on the Internet is part of a student’s daily routine, and cutting the Internet out would only cause them inconvenience. 

To Conclude

With the rapid development in technology, it is the need of the hour that students become proficient in using the Internet. Avoiding the use of the same is illogical.The Internet has helped students achieve colossal heights, with ease of usage and seemingly infinite information. It has made their lives easy and has significantly improved their work. Not using the Internet for homework seems impractical and must be discouraged.

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