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Hard Work and Dedication Are Vital Traits of Success

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“You Can Have Anything You Want If You Give up the Belief that You Can’t Have It,” is what Amit Saxena of Ramco Group believes in.

A seasoned professional with 23+ years of experience behind him, Amit has extensive experience in multiple domains including IT Operations, Project Management, ERP Implementation, IT Security, and Data Center Management, among others.

He acquired his scholarship and completed his course in GNIIT from Gurgaon in 1999. Thereafter, Amit was selected for Hero Group of companies, where he was appointed as the Asst. Programmer. He pursued PGDCA with honours in 2001-2002 from Delhi Business School and in 2003-2004 he secured his Master’s degree in computer science with honours.

During the same period, he did numerous Job technical training in SAP ECC, SAP S4 Hana, Microsoft Dynamics, IFS, Oracle database, IBM server management, Data center management, IT security, cloud management, Advance analytics, and PMP, Prince 2, ITIL, among others. 

Having completed several Leadership and Executive management certifications from MDI Gurgaon and Harvard business school, Amit has been a part of many forums, such as the Global CIO forum in Dubai, CIO News Media India, Rockman automation US, and C-Vision US as a speaker, mentor, writer, advisor, and moderator. Amit is also a proud holder of the Best 200 CIOs at the Global CIO forum in Bangkok, Thailand. 

In a recent chat with Digitaltech Media, he sheds more light on his journey in the industry and advice for aspiring IT leaders.

Read excerpts below.

What was your motivation to join the IT industry?

I drew inspiration from Bill gates. I was always interested in a career in technology and longed to use my skills and knowledge to make processes more efficient, easier, and productive. I believe IT support members are an equally important team for any organization because they combine technical knowledge with interpersonal skills, helping other people use technology to reach their professional goals.

What technological transformations have you witnessed in the past few years?

I strongly feel that technology has evolved significantly over the past few years. For instance, the way we communicate and share information, mobile-first business environments, and remote work has grown steadily over the past 15 years. Also, AI is reshaping the world in business and consumer markets. Apart from this, business operations have become more productive owing to technologies such as IoT, RPA, ML, and Cloud Computing. 

What were the challenges you encountered on the path to success? How did you overcome them?

I dealt with several challenges and had to understand as well as overcome them to ensure long-term success for every organization I have worked for. A few hurdles I encountered were related to Change Management, Analytics based Culture, and Skilled Resources. I have also been a part of many pilot projects where we proved the project’s business benefit with very little investment.

Could you share some of your most challenging projects? How did you ensure their timely completion?  

I remember we once had to deal with a ransomware attack situation. We did not plan this project, but we realized early on and put mitigation measures by ensuring all patch management EPO is done and regularly updating the AV definition across all locations.

There was another project where we offered Digital transformation and Automation services. We achieved 100% on-time execution, as per the project plan, and all end users and BPO were fully involved to ensure the successful completion of the project. I always focus on my PMP strategy in each project to figure out risk, budget, time, resource, quality, and delivery.

You have primarily worked in the Eastern and South African markets. What differences have you noticed in these markets when compared to India?

India is all about its unique people and culture, but the rest is the same in both countries. Technology-wise, India has been quicker to adopt than Africa, where you require more training, education, and engagement with stakeholders. 

What do you consider to be your success mantra? What differentiates you in the business?

You Can Have Anything You Want If You Give Up The Belief That You Can’t Have It.

We can achieve anything we want if we work hard and dedicate ourselves to our passion. Whether it is a fitness, business, or relationship goal, we can achieve it. The real differentiator is that we are one team and have a common goal to achieve.

How do you look back at your journey, and what are your plans for the future?

With over 23 years in the industry, I have come a long way in the IT field, with a specialized focus on manufacturing, retail, trading, etc. I have always focused on the automation areas, taking note of the business challenges and identifying the information gaps, especially where manual processes were dominant. 

We work with vendors and local IT teams, emphasizing quality of work and cost implication, thereby finding an optimal balance as well as the most efficient way of working. I always believe that learning is a continuous process, and committed to gaining more knowledge in all business functions while ensuring the best strategy and execution. 

What are your personal goals or aspirations in life?

I intend to use my expertise and experience to work in a senior leadership team and evolve my skills in a challenging environment, while working within a team and providing efficient and productive solutions. I look forward to attaining a senior executive position while ensuring an active and critical role in the company’s overall success.

A piece of advice you would give to aspiring tech leaders.

Hire Smart and Listen to Your Team!

Having the right people on your team makes it a lot easier to delegate important tasks. It is equally important to pay heed to your team members and identify their strengths before delegating tasks to them. 

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