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Gaurav Vij: Demonstrating True Leadership through Grit & Perseverance

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“Today, HooLiv has over 3500 beds with 28+ hostels in 5 cities across the country in three years, despite the COVID era.”

Gaurav Vij

A firm believer in “Where there is no Challenge, there is no Growth”, Gaurav Vij is a visionary Tech and Enterprise Architect, a Digital Transformation Leader with over 18+ years of experience in transforming business problems into efficient technology solutions. 

Gaurav completed his Bachelor’s in Technology with IT as the mainstream from Amity School of Engineering & Technology in New Delhi in 2004. He later pursued his journey as an Information Security professional with Bharti Tele Ventures Ltd before moving to software product and solutions engineering at Newgen, Fiserv, Infosys, and several other CMMi organizations on his way up.

Gaurav has always been keen on Coding, Architecture, and Frameworks. During his career, he successfully led over six transformation implementations globally and 30+ solutions implementations. 

He also led technology and digital transformation journeys at AllizHealth and and is currently focused on driving into a paperless and Data Enabled Co-Living organization. 

In a recent session with Digitaltech Media, Gaurav reflects on his journey in the industry and his plans for the years ahead. Read the excerpts below: 

DTM: What inspired you to join the IT industry?

I was passionate about software and how things work in the computer world since my school days. I started learning programming languages in twelfth standard and later pursued the same as the mainstream for graduation. So, joining the industry was a natural step forward, and I am thankful for the destiny that has gifted me with an amazing career.  

DTM: How do you view the role and evolution of tech leaders in the past couple of years?

IT divisions within the organizations have witnessed massive transformations from being Cost Centers to Solution Providers and Profit Centers. Today, IT leaders have become business enablers and partners to functional heads. This was accelerated by the pandemic, where the organizations and leadership came to test the power of Technology, Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, and Cybersecurity. 

I feel IT is now being utilized in its true strength, and tech leadership is shaping beyond just technology to a strategic business leadership role.

DTM: What about the challenges you encountered on the path to success? How did you overcome them?

I believe “Where there is no challenge, there is no growth”. The challenge grows multi-fold when you plan on setting up your venture. The challenge of optimizing the budgets and what we can leverage best from what we have in our hands will always be present. But taking one step at a time always helps to achieve the overall goal. 

DTM: You bring two decades of experience in the industry. What do you feel has been your biggest success mantra? 

For me, the success mantra for anything revolves around three key areas: 

The right people,Learning from your mistakes, and acting as a consultant while having your own SME.

DTM: How did HooLiv come to be born? 

HooLiv is one of the leading “Co-Living spaces” in the country, focused on Student Housing. I and my co-founders, Chinmoy Mishra, Dr. Rasmi Mishra, and Abhishek Verma, have been together for the past 12 years.  

Before establishing HooLiv, we ran a successful tech platform- “AllIzHealth”, which focused on preventive care and emerged as the backbone of the wellness initiatives carried out by all Tier-1 insurance companies in India and South East Asia. Twelve years back, I met Chinmoy Mishra and Dr. Rasmi Mishra over venturewoods, a forum of entrepreneurs, and the energies matched. We all were very bullish on the Healthcare space and thus set up AllIzHealth. 

Post its acquisition in 2018, we thought of doing something different, and thus came the idea of Co-Living, which until then was untouched and an early-stage unstructured space- ideal for the next disruption. Coming from a technology and business background, we were confident about disrupting. Today, HooLiv has over 3500 beds with 28+ hostels in 5 cities across the country in three years, despite the COVID era. 

DTM: Can you share a bit about TekQ Global CIO Forum? What was your thought process behind establishing the forum?

It was always my dream project to have a platform where all the tech leaders come together, collaborate, and share their knowledge. TekQ was established with the same vision where the fundamental thought process of the community is “For the CIO, By the CIO”. 

DTM: How do you look back at your journey, and what are your plans? 

When I look back at my stint as an entrepreneur, I experience mixed emotions and cherish every memory attached to it. I have always chased and moved towards the bigger goals of my life. My journey has been fantastic, full of challenges, learning, collaboration, and hard work. 

DTM: A piece of advice you would give to aspiring tech leaders?

Think beyond what you are and try to discover the Intraprenuer within you. Everyone has their own set of dreams, and they must know when to chase and fulfil them. 

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