GajShield Infotech Appoints ECOMP Technology

GajShield Infotech Appoints ECOMP Technology as Value-added Regional Distributor for Karnataka

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GajShield Infotech appoints Ecomp

a leading Data Security Firewall solution provider, recently announced the appointment of ECOMP Technology as its regional distributor. ECOMP Technology will aid GajShield in securing its networks in the Karnataka region.

Throwing more light on the partnership, Sonit Jain, CEO of GajShield Infotech, said, “By joining forces with ECOMP Technology, we look forward to a robust breakthrough in the end-customer space and an amplified reach in the southern regional markets. ECOMP Technology’s dependable services and products, dynamic business infrastructure, vast reach, and a comprehensive approach coupled with GajShield’s expertise in network security and data solutions will endow both the brands in acquiring mutual benefits.”

A prominent player in the firewall market, GajShield focuses on adeptly meeting the data security demands of businesses and corporations. The company has always been at the helm of offering sophisticated and innovative data and network security solutions, enabling companies to implement Data First security architecture as well as strategies. GajShield has played a pivotal role in transforming the security tech market. 

GajShield Infotech

Sharing more details about the partnership, Gautam Raj, MD, ECOMP Technology, said, “The partnership with GajShield Infotech will improve our product offerings in network security. We hope to expand our businesses and product lines together through this partnership.”

With the appointment of ECOMP Technology, a reputed regional distributor, GajShield aims to keep pace with the country’s fast developing IT sector while strengthening its presence in the southern region.

ECOMP Tech a prominent system integrator and distributor of IT hardware & software in India, is also a licensed sub-distributor and partner of Microsoft products. 

The company has been recognized by Karnataka Business Chamber, GGA, as well as Ikons awards for the best solution and IT partner. ECOMP Technology was also recognized by Microsoft for achieving the highest growth in MS Business in the southern market. The company not only distributes software but also operates as a technology consultant for leading educational institutions, government agencies as well as IT corporations. 

ECOMP has been focusing on product & service expansion, thereby assisting IT channel partners in accessing the most intelligent and latest technologies. The company also aids clients in developing Artificial Intelligence based solutions based on their specific requirements. 

The Partnership with ECOMP will help GajShield offer its advanced security solutions in a successful and adaptable way. The solutions will be available for clients across the Indian market, benefiting the Karnataka market more significantly. GajShield will provide best-in-class network security solutions for a better and well protetced connection, enabling businesses to revamp their overall network security infrastructure. ECOMP Technology will also offer GajShield’s sophisticated firewall solutions to businesses of all scales and sizes. 

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