Experian PowerCurve Strategy Management arrangement Experian PowerCurve Strategy Management arrangement

Experian Introduces PowerCurve® Strategy Management -“A New Cloud-Based Decision Making Solution”

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Experian Launched PowerCurve® Strategy Management

Experian unveiled its latest set of cloud-based solutions for businesses looking to automate decisions across an increasingly complex customer journey. The cloud-based solution is totally adapted to changing consumer requirements. 

PowerCurve® is a homogeneous platform that enables businesses to understand and capitalize their data throughout the entire customer life cycle – whether acquisition, customer retention, or growth – in order to make quick, efficient decisions that support their strategic goals. Businesses will be able to quickly adapt their decision-based strategies while leveraging the power of the cloud with the new solution. 

These products are part of Experian’s market-leading PowerCurve suite of decision management solutions and are hosted on Experian’s modern, scalable cloud platform. 

Organizations are being compelled to reinvent the customer journey at an unprecedented rate by today’s changing market. To meet the growing demand from businesses of all sizes for automated, analytically driven decision making, these releases include both pre-configured solutions for organizations that prefer standard, ‘out-of-the-box’ applications and Clients with sophisticated, decision-driven business processes that will benefit from highly configurable solutions.

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Experian India’s Managing Director, Neeraj Dhawan, says: “In India, monetary organizations are looking for more nimble and adaptable decision-making structures. To meet their needs, we have devised a comprehensive set of solutions to assist organizations in making better decisions and staying one step ahead. Experian is committed to providing high-level solutions through advancement, innovation, and greatness.”

“Businesses can now use the entire PowerCurve platform or pick and choose the features that best fit their needs.”

The cloud-based solution provides the following services:

Expertise in the market –: Quick access to a world-class decision engine with a proven worldwide track record for executing high-performance strategies.

Agility-: service capabilities enable businesses to quickly adapt their strategy and readily expand the solution to accommodate portfolio growth.

Cloud native –: The solution is based on an active- microservices architecture that ensures high availability and scalability and is delivered as a service.

Business user control –: Easy access and full autonomy for strategy design, testing, and deployment to production for business users.

Cutting-edge Security –: It provides cutting-edge security that includes round-the-clock security event monitoring, detection, and response, as well as continuous and seamless security patching.

fully automated software-: Continuous innovation with fully automated software upgrades every six weeks that make new features available at the convenience of enterprises.

The new Experian PowerCurve Strategy Management arrangement is built on the Experian cloud organization platform and leverages the size and extensive features of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud framework to provide as-a-service benefits to businesses.

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