Ericsson Adds Intelligent Deployment Enabling SPs to Upgrade and Expand Networks

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In their bid to strengthen their Network Services portfolio, Ericsson recently announced that it has redesigned network rollout for 5G with Intelligent deployment. This will provide communications service providers with a digital, modular, and agile suite of tools & services for rolling out, upgrading, and expanding networks to meet the demands of their customers.

As the building block for optimal network life cycle management, Intelligent Deployment connects network installation, design, integration, maintenance, acceptance, and services evolution. 

The solutions encompass enablers like AI, automation, as well as data-driven cloud-centric architecture that supports varied functionalities which service providers can make use of, for instance, Intelligent Integration, Intelligent Site Engineering, and Remote Access. 

Intelligent Deployment shall help in the delivery of an appropriate network at the right moment, as well as utilize network data for continuous improvement and development. Processes that are digitalized and data-driven enable service providers to make quick network management decisions. It also helps them meet user and market expectations more effectively. Additionally, the AI integration will ensure network evolution with the changing times. 

Sharing more details about Intelligent Deployment, Nello Califano, Head of Strategy and Portfolio Management, Ericsson Business Area Networks, stated: “With our Intelligent Deployment solution, we are vastly improving the way we deploy networks, making it more agile, flexible, and responsive to customer needs. This means we can deliver parts of our portfolio to service providers based on their specific requirements. We use extensive data insights to offer new services as well as pre-empt problems when introducing intelligent monitoring of the network even after the end of deployment.”

The solution comprises outcome-based (purchasing professional services), subscription-based (purchasing access to standalone capabilities or the entire offering), or a combination of both as needed for the complete intelligent deployment processor for network deployment services specifically. This will allow service providers to achieve transparency, higher accuracy, as well as cost efficiency from site survey to acceptance. Service providers will also secure increased flexibility in terms of change management.

Intelligent Deployment, designed to ensure data integrity and trust, provides service providers with an end-to-end information process, thus guiding workflow at every step. It also ensures data security and safety, offering user-friendly solutions, as well as adopting legal restrictions of the country they operate in.

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