Dhriti Mallick, Director, DISL, and Owner of DcVision

Dhriti Mallick – A Virtual Storyteller at Heart and By Profession!

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A virtual storyteller, an entrepreneur, and a coaching & administrative career expert, Dhriti Mallick is no ordinary woman. After the success of her IT training organization, Didactics IT Solutions (DISL), she came up with another equally brilliant idea in the form of a book cafe. That is how her second venture, ‘BoiThek’, came into existence.

But, for Dhriti, the sky has always been the limit, as she soon resolved to take her passion for IT to the next level. In 2017, when she first discovered Virtual Reality, she instantly knew her calling in life. That thought began consuming her mind, and she started to make way for the next big step in her life-her third company-DcVision. Today, DcVision aims to spread awareness about VR/AR technology in India and has successfully delivered several projects.

Digitaltech Media had the opportunity to interact with Dhriti Mallick, Director, DISL, and owner of DcVision, where she revealed much about herself and her foray into the IT and the VR/AR industry. 

Read on to find out what Dhriti has to share about her journey from an IT professional to a known face in the IT Channel industry.

Excepts from the interview:

Elaborate more on your journey from an IT professional to an entrepreneur and now a Virtual Reality storyteller?

Since my adolescence, I was keen on becoming an entrepreneur. I did multi-level marketing for a while before joining the first company in my career, IIHT as a coach. After pursuing a successful coaching & administrative career for seven long years, I decided to start my own venture with my friends in 2009. Together with my friends (the other two directors of the company), we established an IT training organization called- Didactics IT Solutions (DISL). Since then, my journey has been a roller-coaster ride. We experienced mistrust, betrayal, lack of financial support, and other challenges on our way. However, our strong determination, dedication, and ability to offer excellent customer service enabled us to lead DISL on the path of success. Today, DISL is a known brand in India and other countries in the training & training infrastructure services.

What inspired you to form DcVision? Did you encounter obstacles on your way to establishing the company?

I heard about ‘Virtual Reality’ for the first time in 2017 and was instantly interested in exploring this immersive technology. Within three years, I groomed myself and learned more about the technology. I also earned certification from the London University, and went on to represent my country at the World XR conference in China in 2019. Today, I gladly call myself a VR Storyteller.

I have always felt the need for spreading awareness about VR/AR technologies in India. I noticed that children of class V-VI in China were participating in VR contests at the World XR Exhibition, and realized that the youth and children in India should also be given an equal amount of opportunity to discover about these emerging technologies. Inspired by my vision, I collaborated with administrative bodies to set up DcVision. It is my third venture, after DISL, and a book cafe BoiThek (which is also my part-time initiative and 2nd venture), and hence the path was quite smooth.

Tell us more about your VR solutions for psychologists & psychiatrists for painless therapy and phobia.

A large population in this world is suffering from mental discomforts like anxiety, phobias, and other disorders. Post-Covid, this number has increased abruptly. We have our traditional treatments, but, in most cases, patients are skeptical about taking medicines and dealing with a lot of pain. These patients can be treated with Virtual Reality Therapy (VRT). These are VR simulations, designed for patients suffering from problems such as anxiety, nyctophobia (fear of darkness), acrophobia (fear of heights), OCD(obsessive-compulsive disorder), PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), etc. We have conducted thorough research on more than 1000 samples and also consulted several psychologists and psychiatrists before designing these solutions. We are doing this project in collaboration with RK Psychotherapy, under the guidance of celebrity Cyber Psychologist Dr. Raakesh Kriplani.

What has been your biggest strength and success mantra?

I have a strongly intuitive mind that allows me to make quick decisions even in complex situations. I have always taken calculated risks as and when required. I think all of this helped me to grow in my career.  Today, I do everything with complete honesty and dedication. I have learned that there is no shortcut to success. Only hard work and consistent efforts can help one to get closer to their goals.

How do you plan to steer your company in the next couple of years? 

I am more focused on my VR projects in the years to come. We have many projects in the pipeline for VR medical, tourism, real estate, and entertainment industries. In 2021, I also plan to launch a project called ‘Prathama’, which aims to train young girls and women, as well as help them earn financial freedom using virtual platforms. We would require government collaboration for this initiative to reach out to the masses.

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