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Devesh Aggarwal of Compusoft Advisers (1997) knows How to Pave His Own Road to Success

Devesh Aggarwal Compusoft

Passionate about computers, Devesh took it as a hobby, even as he spent much of his time working on his computer. Little did he know that his life was about to transform forever when he embarked on his entrepreneurial journey and launched his company-Compusoft Advisors in 1997. That was the first turning point in Devesh’s life, and one that brought along with it scores of opportunities in terms of business growth & expansion.

Post that, and for over two decades now, Devesh has managed to scale Compusoft advisers to greater heights through sheer hard work, commitment to clients, and strong relationship building. Today, Compusoft takes great pride in being one of the top IT & Software Solution Providers in India, with a strong global presence. Under the leadership and guidance of Devesh, Compusoft now has its eyes set on newer geographies such as the Middle East and Africa.

Digitaltechmedia interacted with Devesh Aggarwal, Founding CEO of Compusoft Advisors, to delve deeper into his learnings and experiences,  as well as his plans for the company in the months to come.

How would you describe your journey so far?

My journey in the IT industry has been a learning experience, and I strongly believe that my ability to build and maintain customer, partner and vendor relationships has helped me to carve a niche in the IT sector. We started as one of Microsoft Partners in 2001, and today, Compusoft Advisors has been recognized as one of the Gold Certified Partners by the IT giant.

We have developed deep expertise in the area of AI, RPA, Bots,  Cognitive Automation, Cloud Computing, Microsoft Dynamics and Mobility Solutions, and a host of other IT solutions. We are successfully catering to large enterprises and mid-market firms, across industries such as ITeS, BFSI, Manufacturing, Education, Retails, Logistics & Supply Chain, and Healthcare among others.

What were the challenges you encountered on your way to success?

Every business faces challenges and roadblocks, and Compusoft was no different. I feel that our biggest challenge was present in the form of relationship building. As an entrepreneur, I have always focused on recognizing and understand customer pain points, and have managed to establish strong partnerships with the key players in the industry. This has helped me to counter all the challenges that came my way. 

How has the pandemic impacted your business? Did you adopt any new strategy to overcome these challenges?

COVID-19 has impacted nearly every company today. While ensuring business continuity was our biggest concern, we were left with little option but to announce a salary cut. Our employees found it difficult to adjust to changing business practices and functioning initially. But, we have resolved to compensate them, since they have been instrumental in keeping our business up and running.

Did you launch any new product/solution during the lockdown period?

Yes. We launched a Healthcare Emergency Response Resource Tracking Solution, designed by Compusoft, to extend free software support to Army Field Hospital in Delhi. With COVID 19 hitting the world hard, Compusoft decided to launch PowerApps, an emergency response mobile app to help medical professionals and hospital staff, view as well as add data related to staffing, ventilators, COVID-19 patients, and pending discharges instantly. PowerApps brings along with it, Power BI Dashboard that assists healthcare decision-makers, a Web App for hospital IT administrators, alongside Mobile App for the frontline workers such as, medical practitioners and registered nurses.

Apart from this, we have also launched a new solution called ProcMATE, which is an AI-based Omnichannel BOT platform hosted on Azure. The software aids enterprise automation that further enables organizations to overcome process-related complexities, and ensures that their customers enjoy the best brand experience across digital & social channels. Thus, ProcMATE addresses a host of issues, such as Digitization of documents, supply chain automation, customer engagement, employee engagement, business process automation, and more.

What do you think has been the key to your success? My success mantra has always been very simple. I focus on establishing long-lasting vendor, partner, client, and employee relationships. This has led us to win trust and recognition in the industry, and we are now looking to carry forward the same legacy and ethos that we have managed to cultivate over two decades. Soon, we would be expanding our operations by entering into newer geographies, such as the Middle East and Africa.

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