Ranjith Kaippada, Managing Director at Cloud Box Technologies

Cloud Box Technologies announces Business Expansion with launch of its new Security Practice

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The leading IT Infrastructure solutions provider in the Middle East, Cloud Box Technologies (CBT) has announced its business expansion with the launch of its new security practice, an expanded team of cybersecurity specialists together with an end-to-end security solutions and services portfolio. 

The threat, risk, and vulnerability levels have increased considerably across enterprises in the post-pandemic workplace, besides there being a large-scale increase and emphasis on digital transformation. Having adopted a holistic approach in offering its cyber security services, CBT believes this new portfolio will be a business enabler for enterprises in the region that are tackling transformation technologies in the new normal.

Ranjith Kaippada, Managing Director at Cloud Box Technologies explained that the solution provider has adopted a three-step approach in expanding its cyber security services within its end user customer base. This includes, according to him, detecting and identifying system and network vulnerabilities and risks; protecting people, processes and technologies and responding to events and incidents; and recovering data and information and monitoring cyber security incidents in real time.

“It is essential and vital that we have this framework in place. The solutions that we design, deploy and implement at customer sites are prone to threats and can be compromised at any time. Usually end user networks are not secure and have less than the desired requirements in place. It is our responsibility to secure customer assets wherever we have deployed our solutions. That is why we have added a cyber security framework in our portfolio wherever we are offering technologies and solutions,” Kaippada added.

The new cyber security services at CBT is being delivered by a team managed by Rohit Bhargav and Saddiq Ameen. Rohit Bhargav is the Practice Head – Cloud & Security at Cloud Box Technologies and has an international networking and systems engineering background of over 15 years. He has previously worked at Dimension Data, Chatsworth Products (CPI) and Huawei. 

Saddiq Ameen on the other  hand is a Senior Cyber Security Professional specializing in security engineering, risk management and security monitoring, with over ten years of experience in the region. He previously worked at CyberSafe, Paramount Computer Systems, and Ingram Micro.

With this new portfolio, CBT is attempting to mitigate the threat of cyberattacks, that it understands can lead to data breaches, loss of intellectual property and regulatory exposure.

“We have now embedded cyber security solutions into our core technology and infrastructure solutions. This ensures that no digital transformation project initiated by Cloud Box Technologies, increases the attack surface across any of our enterprise customers and leaves them vulnerable. We protect our customers as they begin or advance along their transformation journeys, whenever we are partnering with them,” emphasized Ranjith. 

The expanded portfolio of cyber security services from CBT includes system protection, network and data protection, cloud security, identity and access governance, and managed and professional security services. Besides, CBT has partnered with global vendors such as Fortinet, Sophos, Pulse Secure, Digital Insights, Forcepoint, Tenable Security, Symantec, amongst others.  The services portfolio of CBT also includes cabling and cabling accessories, CCTV and physical security, datacentre services, network IT infrastructure, Microsoft and Oracle product offering, hyperconverged and VDI solutions, server and storage, and cloud solution & services.

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