Robotic Process Automation

What roles of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has never been discovered?

Robotic Process Automation is the upcoming future of business process automation which is growing exponentially. With the development of technology, now more businesses have started to observe the link between the RPA and digital transformation. Businesses are now undergoing digital transformation to improve the customer experience, provide the best services, and minimize marketing expenses by […]

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Gautam Raj

Gautam Raj-Are you ready to take the fast lane?

Gautam Raj Digitalization, since its advent, has taken the world by storm. Everyone was on the lookout for the holy grail of digital transformation. It became a way of life for conventional and new businesses, fuelled by key technological advances encapsulated in clever acronyms like SMAC (Social Media, Mobile Devices, Analytics, and Cloud), ensuring that […]

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GSL Medical College

CASE STUDY: Deployment of VMware vSphere and vSAN at GSL Medical College

CUSTOMER: GSL Medical College & General Hospital INDUSTRY:  Healthcare LOCATION:  Rajamahendravaram (Rajahmundry) PARTNER: Digitaltrack Solutions CUSTOMER PROFILE GSL Medical College & General Hospital, Rajamahendravaram is one of the premier private Medical Institutions in the country and is affiliated to Dr. NTR University of Health Sciences, Vijayawada. GSL Medical College is established with a divine mission […]

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AI Technologies Used In the Retail Space

Potential of Artificial Intelligence in Retail Space

AI In Retail Space In modern times, digital transformation is being adapted in every possible field. From education to businesses, every field is being transformed for years to cope with the dynamic and scientifically advanced society. Especially in the retail industry, there have been many digital transformations for years, and it has resulted in increased […]

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Satnam Narang – Scammers Find Their Target in Social Media

Based on his extensive research into scams on social media platforms, Satnam Narang, Staff Research Engineer – at Tenable tries to give his views on how these apps become the target for scammers Social media scam reports have seen a surge over the last few years in India. One in four cases of financial fraud reported […]

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Eaton helping Customers Optimize their Data Centers and Businesses

Datacenters today are the backbone of any business. Every vendor today looks to offering innovative, mission-critical solutions that obtain higher availability systems, improve efficiency and offer flexible, scalable solutions that meet the specific needs of businesses. Currently, Eaton Indian data centers have 250 to 300 MW of power and this is expected to grow to […]

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Tata Tele Business Services

Tata Tele Business Services identifies the role of tech infrastructure for Businesses to Re-invent themselves post-pandemic

Tata Tele Business Services Tata Tele Business Services (TTBS) recently hosted a CXO Round Table Discussion with industry leaders on building a new mindset for business resilience and growth. Centering around Respond, Reboot and Reinvent as key imperatives, the discussion noted that Large Enterprises are readily reinventing their business models as they continue to respond effectively to the aftershocks of the […]

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Synoptiq Infosolution Cloud Security , Workload

Synoptiq- Customers Searching for Best Solutions for Securing their Workloads

As the leading provider of cloud security solutions, Rajeev Mamidanna, Managing Director – Synoptiq Infosolutions believes that any storage target, whether on cloud or on-premise has to be protected as it contains the most important asset of any company i.e. Data. “Compliances are so stringent today, and practically every organization falls under some scanner of […]

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TechnoBind and Arrow PC Network

Technobind and Arrow PC : Cybersecurity offers immense opportunities to the IT partners

As the leading hybrid SI & solution provider and Dell Titanium Partner, Arrow PC Network offers services/solutions in areas such as System Integration, Data Centers, Backup, Storage, Cloud Computing, Data Security, and more.  On the other hand, according to TechnoBind, which is the first Specialist Distributor in the Indian IT channels space that provides a […]

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