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CASE STUDY: Deployment of VMware vSphere and vSAN at GSL Medical College & General Hospital (Rajahmundry)

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CUSTOMER: GSL Medical College & General Hospital

INDUSTRY:  Healthcare

LOCATION:  Rajamahendravaram (Rajahmundry)

PARTNER: Digitaltrack Solutions


GSL Medical College & General Hospital, Rajamahendravaram is one of the premier private Medical Institutions in the country and is affiliated to Dr. NTR University of Health Sciences, Vijayawada. GSL Medical College is established with a divine mission of bringing Medicare of International Standards to the door steps of the rural poor and to roll out medical graduates of modern scientific medicine capable of functioning independently in both urban and rural environment.

GSL General Hospital (GSL GH) is a thousand bedded tertiary care multi-specialty hospital attached to the College. It was commissioned on 1st January, 2002 with the noble objective of providing urban healthcare facilities to the rural poor at an unbelievably affordable cost. It is the first Medical College Hospital which started super-specialty departments simultaneously along with broad specialties and is empowered by highly competent, skilled and dedicated doctors, nurses and paramedics, committed to providing quality healthcare.

GSL GH is on the verge of creating strategic alliances with reputed universities and health care centres in this country and abroad to improve its patient care delivery and education objectives.


The legacy IT system of GSL Medical College has led to a low utilization rate of its data center.

“Our organization’s applications were mainly built on legacy hardware and software. Most are 3-Tier architecture that is restricted by the size of the physical space which is hard to maintain and fully utilize. For example, an application is hosted by 3 dedicated servers with its own development, testing and production platform. Maintaining those servers is cumbersome,” says Sandeep Ganni, Chairman, GSL Medical College.

The traditional storage system also led to a long implementation cycle and complicated Day-2 management process. Most importantly, highly dispersed systems reduce the effective sharing of resources. Expansion and new facilities are recognizably expensive, and plus it was clear that this arrangement wasn’t ideal.


GSL Medical College adopted VMware vSphere and vSAN to consolidate all workloads and save storage space and increase resource utilization rate.


The virtualization infrastructure adopted strengthened the data security at GSL Medical College. Besides it can now achieve network segmentation easily. The solution creates an isolated network and virtualized trust zones to perform system testing and segregation for data.

vSphere and vSAN also provide data-at-rest encryption capabilities so there is no need to rely on upgrading or replacing hardware devices for future security requirements.

VMware addresses encryption challenges through its software approach reducing the cost of hardware and enabling the customer to use the feature whenever they please. The built-in encryption feature provides better security, control and logging that helps the charity to meet regulatory compliance requirements.

vSAN also provides a fast, stable and robust environment for GSL Medical College to run Business Critical Applications.

  • Ability to plan and produce compute and storage infrastructure in advance
  • Better visibility into resource utilization by virtual clusters
  • Automation of IT process has led to 80% saving in time for provisioning of new workloads
  • Significant cost savings with hardware footprint reduced by 80%

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