Braille Works Partners With OpenText to Improve Accessibility for the Visually Impaired

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In a recent announcement, Braille Works stated that as the leading provider of reading materials in the United States, for individuals who are blind, reading impaired, or visually impaired, the company is planning to leverage OpenText Output Transformation solutions to include them within their automation processes. This will further help companies to offer an inclusive experience to their clients suffering from visual impairments.

Braille Works has been a premier producer of traditional alternative formats like braille, audio, and large print. The company required a solution that offers high-volume auto-remediation of documents. OpenText allows Braille Works to fully automate the processing of print streams in high-volume, thereby ensuring that compliant, high-quality, and accessible content can be produced more efficiently and quickly.

Sharing more information about the same, Glen Schubert, Executive Vice President of Marketing and Client Relations Braille Works reiterated, “We use OpenText software in our automation process to help us extract data and be more efficient in the production of braille, large print, and audio. This helps us deliver for clients that remediate tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of documents on a monthly basis.”

The OpenText Output Transformation captures, and transforms, as well as repurposes documents in high-volume, allowing on-demand access for mobile and online presentment as well as secure real-time delivery. OpenText’s document transformation technology constitutes automated and manual remediation solutions to get readable content/documents to those who are visually impaired.

OpenText Automated Output Accessibility is capable of converting print streams (in high-volume) into easily accessible PDF as well as large print documents. On the other hand, OpenText Document Accessibility is designed to simplify remediation of the ad-hoc PDF documents, resulting in the creation of accessible content that further ensures customer satisfaction as well as loyalty. “Partnering with OpenText helps us provide access to more people, providing them independence and freedom to manage their own information—it’s amazing what that brings to life,” stated Schubert.

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