Big Data in Healthcare

The Use of Big Data Analytics in Healthcare Sector

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Big data analytics in healthcare

Big data is the new way of storing data. Its sole purpose is to change the way industries manage, analyze and leverage data. Healthcare is considered to be one of the industries where data analytics is starting to play a significant role in recent years.

Healthcare analytics has proved its potential by reducing the cost of treatments, predicting future epidemics, avoiding diseases that can cause trouble to human life and improving the quality of life in general. Just like business professionals, now healthcare professionals are also capable of collecting massive data in order to analyze various patients and come up with solutions that can help society as a whole.

In this article, we are going to talk about the benefits big data is offering to the healthcare sector from the day it was introduced. It will help us understand the importance of data analytics in today’s world.

Patients Prediction for Improved Staffing

The one problem that every shift manager in the healthcare industry faces is to come up with a perfect number of staff who can work at a given time period. If the shift manager is increasing the labour force unnecessarily, then he/she might have to deal with higher labour cost, whereas decreasing the labour force might affect the service offered to the customers.

Big data is playing a significant role in rescuing shift managers from this problem. Big data analytics is providing a set amount of patient data to hospitals from which they can predict the number of patients they have to deal with in an hour or in a day. According to this data, they can appoint workers as per the requirement; for example, the hospital must keep more workers during busy hours on a working day.

Big data analytics in healthcare

Electronic Health Records (EHRs)

It is one of the famous applications of big data that is put to use in the healthcare sector. With the help of this application, a patient can have his/her own digital record that contains data like demographics, medical history, allergies, laboratory test results, etc. These records are encrypted and are shared with the help of a secured information system. This data is only available for service providers both in the private and public sectors. Every data in this application consists of a file that can be modified; in case the doctor needs to change anything in the patient’s history, he/she can update the new data in this file.

EHRs are also capable of alarming patients when they are due for lab tests. This application acts as a reminder for the patients. It also has the capability to track patients to see whether they are following the doctor’s orders or not.

Real-Time Alerting

Clinical Decision support is a data analytics application that helps healthcare professionals by giving them advice while writing prescriptions to patients. The application analyses the stored data at the spot and provides the doctor with the required advice. This application is considered to be a fortune for the healthcare industry as it prevents doctors from making any mistakes while giving a prescription to a patient.

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